The Double Digits

The boss helped me complete my 10 miler today which was awesome since he acted as photographer AND motivator.  We left at around 7 and just as we got going


I discovered my watch was dead AGAIN!  Seriously???  I just charged it two days ago and it hasn’t been used yet!  I’m giving this thing one more chance before I ship it back to Amazon because this is getting beyond ridiculous. 


I went back to my room and switched the “new failure” out with “old faithful.”


She hasn’t let me down yet! 


Anywho, the boss ran the first two miles with me and then let me drop him. He just walked and listened to music while I ran my little heart out for the next six miles. I picked him back up at around the 8 mile mark and we finished out together.


I completely appreciated the company during that last mile.  I picked the pace up at the end and just when I felt like I was going to pass out, I finished . . . with a 6:51 pace  Open-mouthed smile 


My average pace was actually 9:35 which is a huge improvement over my usual 10 minute miles.  The 1:41 time also includes a walked Gu/Water break.  Afterwards, we walked to the minimart and got Powerbars and ICE.  Here I am just outside the store with the Boss telling me that it’s not embarrassing at all to shop when you’re reeking and dripping with sweat.


So you know what happens next right? Here is my I’m not looking forward to this look


I just stepped in and it’s SO!  COLD!!!  Ok, ok, I can handle this, I swear . . .




give it a minute and it’s not so bad . . .  really




10 down and only 16 more to go  Rolling on the floor laughing


Hope you had a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “The Double Digits

  1. Congrats on a great run!! 🙂 It’s so weird that your Garmin keeps acting like that. I’d try to get in touch with their customer service dept. They’re very helpful!

    • Thanks chica! It IS so weird that my watch keeps being like that since I thought I was the last person to finally buy a 305. I wish it wasn’t being such a jerk. I prob will get in touch with Garmin before I try to ship it back.

    • That watch is old faithful indeed. 😀 I keep wondering if I should just stick with it instead of forcing the fancy one to work for me. The pants are Lucy Gear ( and are my favorite! I highly suggest their gear. It’s as cute as Lulu but a little bit less expensive. I love it 😀

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