WIBW: The Road to Zion (National Park)

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great day.  It’s been a long time but welcome to the next installment in my Where I’ve Been Wednesday series. To all of you new readers, you can find out more about WIBW here.  I mentioned previously that on Labor Day Weekend Aaron and I took the dogs to Utah. We were looking to get out of the house and stretch all 12 of our legs and so I discovered that Zion is only a 2 hr drive from Vegas.  A hike on a Sunday?  Sounds magnificent. 


The dogs agreed.  They were so stoked to be going on a ride.

The weather was great on the drive up.  It had rained before so the temps were in the mid 80s which feels fabulous after temps over 100. 


It’s so blue most of the time out here


Getting settled for a long ride.  I love their happy faces.



Lucy was getting antsy at this point and kept trying to get our attention.  It’s a good thing we were about to head into the park. 


I snapped a couple of photos while we drove through the park but honestly it was so cool I kept forgetting to take more.  Here’s a little of what I got.




We stopped for a second for a picture and to water the dogs.  They weren’t allowed out of the car unless they were on the one pup specific trail.  For those of you going to visit with dogs, that’s the Pa’rus Trail.  It’s right next to the south campgrounds.



Shortly after we stopped, a thunderstorm rolled in so we had to book in the car and back down from where we were.


The thunderstorm finished up and we were able to take the dogs on a quick 2 mile hike along the river.  However, there was some confusion as to who had the camera so again, I failed to get all of my pics.  It’s a good thing we bought a year pass.  There will be a part II and III to this post.  Smile 


At least the weather was nice on the ride home right? 

Have you ever been to Zion National Park?  Any suggested hikes for us?

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “WIBW: The Road to Zion (National Park)

  1. Wow! So pretty! We’ve gotten really into state and national parks lately. This one looks like it’s definitely worth the trip. I wonder how long it would take to drive from EP to Utah…

    • We’ve been really wanting to get more into State Parks but it never seemed like a good time to go. I’m really glad we bought a year pass because now we have to use it 🙂 I’m excited, it should be fun. FYI: Military gets a discount so we spent $80 for a year pass to ANY State/National Park. I hope you can make it to Utah!

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