Have a Scone with Me

Hi guys!  How are you doing?  Woo-wee it has been a long couple of weeks.  I’ve been in to work almost every single day and the days I work work are pushing 13 hr days.  Oi!  So needless to say, I’ve been beat. I haven’t been able to do much for me up until today.  Every night when I come home I’m either greeted with a baby that bursts into tears at the sight of me, almost as if he’s crying, “Where have you BEEN???” or I’m greeted with a beaming smile like this one


So yeah, I haven’t really wanted to do much else other than cuddle/play with the little guy and make those smiles happen.  Have I mentioned yet that he’s rolling like a champ now?


It’s his new mode of transportation.  I’m guessing baby-proofing the house really needs to happen now huh?

Anyways, about these scones . . . <—Click for recipe!


They are so so SO good.  Thanks to Pinterest (and Inspired Taste!) I was able to satisfy a week long craving for pumpkin scones.  I seriously went to Starbucks on three separate occasions this past week hoping to get my paws on a pumpkin scone but all three locations I visited were sold out!  I’m glad I decided to make my own though.  I got that craving out of my head and learned that scones are not as intimidating to make as I thought they were. 


I hope you guys try one!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend Open-mouthed smile