Meet Liam

Hey there!  It’s FRIDAY so how about a little cuteness to start your day?  I know, I know.  Everyone thinks their kid is cute but you guys I’m pretty sure this little man is legit cute.  I mean he has a flaming copper top that I just have to share with you all. 

Anywho, where to begin! 

This little guy has a ton of personality which was pretty evident immediately.  It was also instantly realized that he is a social guy too.  He WANTS to be held all of the time.  His release paperwork from the hospital is quoted as saying, “He’s a holder.” That’s ok though because I do not mind letting this little guy use me as a heated bed.


The other things we noticed about him right away are:

  • He’s observant.  His eyes have been wide open and looking around since he was born. 


  • Because he is so social and observant, he is a TERRIBLE sleeper.  He also sleeps light.  I don’t know why because we are not quiet people and we have dogs who have no respect for quiet time.  So naps are treasured when he actually takes them.

1 week 1 (1 of 1)

  • He is happiest when being spoken to.  I read to him a lot and he used to sit and stare at me while I read.  Now he twists and turns and tries to take the book from me which is great and all until he puts the book in his mouth.  Here he is enjoying a conversation with my Dad.


  • His hair is a natural crazy fluff ball.  It’s a lot longer now and the day after his bath it’s still pretty crazy. 


  • Did I mention he crashes out best when he’s on us?


Overall he is a really happy guy.  The only time he’s fussy is the usual suspects.  He’s either tired and/or hungry or you’ve left his sight too long.  Satisfy those things and he goes right back to smiling.

4 mo 1 (1 of 1)

And here he is now, six months old and able to entertain himself.  He’s much better at being solo now that he can sit up and look around.  Before when all he could do is lay there?  Forget about it.  He was so unhappy that he couldn’t look at everything or watch everyone in the room. 

Sitting 1 (1 of 1)

Other skills he’s got now:

  • He’s a chatterbox
  • Great at blowing raspberries (which is super entertaining for us)
  • Picking his toys up and his reach is starting to get really far
  • He can pull himself up to standing now
  • His vocal range spans a few octaves
  • He rolls around like a champ but we’ve yet to see him get on all fours.  It’s close though, he’s rocking back and forth now too.

Ok, ok, one more


This one just made me realize I forgot to mention that the kid has some serious attitude too.  He’s a funny guy.  Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!


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