About SABL

Hello all and welcome to Sylvia’s Attempt at Balanced Living aka SABL.  This blog is about my varied attempts at balancing all of the aspects of my life.  Here are some of the many hats I wear:

  • wife to Aaron
  • Active Duty member
  • self-taught cook for two
  • Exercise Science student
  • mother to my boxers Mocha & Whiskey
  • runner and wannabe marathoner
  • long distance family member
  • SABL

Basically I am a Staff Sergeant married to a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force, which really presents its own unique set of challenges.  We deal with deployments, trips away from each other, constantly moving and we have to be able to do all of that while maintaining fitness and school.  Here I will be documenting how I do (or don’t do) it all.  If you would like to learn more about myself, please see the About Sylvia page.


5 thoughts on “About SABL

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    • Hahaha! You totally should do it! My hubby has 4 yrs longer in the service than me so he outranks me by one. He’s constantly telling me I have to catch up and pass him so he can get out and I’ll be his Sugar Mama. 😀

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