We had waited 3 months before we decided that despite how much we missed Mocha, Whiskey needed another playmate.  We tried a couple animal rescues for different breeds than a boxer but no one meshed very well with Whiskey.  That was until a co-worker of Aaron’s asked him if he could take a female boxer puppy.  They brought her over to the house and Whiskey immediately took a liking to her.  It wasn’t five minutes before the two of them were running around the house and backyard playing tag and wrestling.  I guess that showed us two things:  1) Boxers adore boxers, because honestly who else could understand them. 2).  We’re meant to have boxers …. which probably means we’re nut jobs too. 


Other fun stuff:

  • Lucy came to us at 8 months old in November 2012.
  • I didn’t get to meet her immediately but was sold when I received a text picture from the hubs.  She was sitting with major attitude on her face . . . and she had bat ears.  Adorable!
  • She splits her time with about 65% napping and the other 35% running around being crazy and starting play-fights with Whiskey.
  • She absolutely refuses to play fetch and doesn’t really like to play with a ball but she will voluntarily bring you her various ropes or left over cloth toy scraps to play tug.  She also begs Aaron to break out the flashlight so she can chase the light.
  • She is a shadow and light hunter.  She will stare at any shadow that moves about and if there is a reflection on the wall or ceiling, she’s not happy until she can catch it or it disappears.
  • As you’ll see in the photos, she likes to sit on top of Whiskey.
  • She’s very aware of how cute she is and will use her feminine wiles to get what she wants, like:
    • getting on the couch via crawling on some sucker’s lap
    • extra treats
    • play time an hour before the alarm clock goes off
  • Lucy is a burrower!  If given the choice to be under the coffee table or in a dog bed, the coffee table will win every time.  She also tries to crawl under the bed, couch, and will put her dog bed on top of her if she can. 

Affectionately referred to as:

  • Lucy Lou
  • Little Monster
  • Little One
  • Crazy Girl







Here she’s mean mugging me at 0430 because I have the audacity to be ironing my uniform instead of playing tug of war.


I’m sure the bed just exploded


face planted in a nap







She’s a big time licker.  I’ve seen her walk past the vacuum cleaner only to give it a little lick on the way.



I think I need to get another pad to stand on in the kitchen.  Whenever I’m trying to clean or cook, she steals mine.


Aaron’s a sucker.  This is shortly before he let BOTH of them on the couch.



Please get out of bed and play with me


She’s way smaller than Whiskey but trying to beat him up is one of her favorite activities.



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