Mocha was our 9 year old boxer.  We were her 4th and last home.  I brought her home on December 29th, 2010 and have been grateful ever since then for her being in our life.  She helped keep me busy when Aaron deployed and I was by myself.  When he got home she kept him company while I was gone/deployed.  She was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and always tried to cuddle with us (even on our bed/couch where she wasn’t allowed). She also constantly played my shadow, following me around the house.  A favorite spot of hers was on a bed in the kitchen, watching me while I worked.  However, her absolute favorite things to do were wrestling with Aaron and going on walks.  She was always so happy to hit the trails.

Unfortunately not even 2 years after having her in our home, she developed cancer (systemic lymphoma) and left us in July of 2012.  It was so hard to deal with, especially because I was gone at school when she passed. We miss her still.  However, we have a lot of fond memories that still bring smiles to our faces.  I don’t think I’ll ever meet another dog with as much sass as her.

Affectionately referred to as:  Mokers

My posts featuring Mocha are:




ready to walk


Here she is daring me to take that toy

come get me

Red heart  snuggles


sleepy toy

she knows my weak spot  Smile

tennis shoes

The little thief stole and is laying on one of my favorite running tanks!



This is a shadow box I made of her things.  In it is the sweater she was wearing when I picked her up from the airport after being shipped to me from Indiana.  The paw print was given to us by our vet when she passed.  Her collar and a name tag are in there too.



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