June 2011

This post explains the inconsistencies in the past couple of months and what I’m doing about it.

Click any of the below links for the post on the work outs for this month.

Challenge Related Work

2 June – Treadmill Intervals with a barefoot warm up on the track

4 June – Hike with the Hubby

7 June – Treadmill Intervals with a strength circuit

9 June – 900m swim

10 June – Track work

14 June – Over the soreness of Saturday now.  Time for another circuit.

16 June – Swam 1225m

18 June – 4.06 miles in 40:26

19-24 June – Homework nightmare! So overwhelmed 😦

27 June30 push ups and 45 situps

28 June – 50 push ups

29 June – 20 pushups  OMG, my arms hurt so much! Good pain = building strength Only 20 so I can rest a day and crank out more tomorrow.

30 June – 20 pushups


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