Updates and Our Birth Story

Well hello there strangers!  It’s been a long time and my goodness, if I’d waited any longer to write something I’d be having to do my 2014 year in review post huh?  I hope you all have been well.  I’ve been great and so has the family.  Our new addition keeps us very busy but I’m loving every minute of it.  So I guess I should start back up with the story of how our little guy joined us. (If you don’t want to read a birth story, come back later Smile)

It was Wednesday, January 22 and I had just finished a long shift at work.  I was on my way home from work and my radio station was on a roll which had me grooving to some pretty great country tunes.  I was all around feeling great and had the fantastic idea of wanting to go do something that night.  When I got home I told Aaron that I thought we should go mini-golfing that very night even though it was a Wednesday.  The little guy is due any day now and I wanted to go on one more date before he showed up.  Aaron was game so I went ahead and started getting ready.  As I was getting out of uniform, I suddenly started feeling not so great and decided to lay down for a little bit.  The icky feelings went away and I went out into the living room to let Aaron know what the hold up was but before I could say anything he laughingly told me, “my brother’s asking me if you’ve popped yet.”  I SWEAR right at that moment was when I felt my water break.  My eyes just about bugged out of my head and I left the room to go evaluate the situation Be right back  Yep, it’s go time.  I went back out into the living room and told Aaron that I was pretty certain my water had just broken and he got a big grin on his face and was like “REALLY???”  However, our friend Sean who was staying with us jumped up off the couch like, “WHAT!?!  We have to go! Are you ok?  What can I do? Oh my god, the baby’s coming!”  Hahaha, Aaron and I were totally calm but our bud couldn’t stop pacing the house so we sent him to go get us some food.  All of this started around 6 PM and of course Aaron wasn’t packed so I just tried to relax while I waited for sustenance and the hubs to get put together. 

Almost two hours later we were checked into the hospital and I was getting checked out and guys, I wasn’t dilated AT ALL.  We were in for such. a long. night.  The doc told me he would let me labor as long as he could but at 23 hrs I would need to have a C-section because of the risk of infection for the baby.  I was nervous and just said we’d hope for the best.  I started contracting almost immediately after arriving at the hospital and it was awful.  I had no idea what to expect when it came to contractions and everyone said they’re not the same for everyone.  For me, it was like my lower half was on fire.  The intensity of the burn would go up and down but the fire was always there.  I didn’t get very many breaks from contractions either.  My hubs told me he felt terrible because he was watching my monitor and the contraction reading was showing me go from 60 to 100 to 70 to 100 and back to 60 over and over again.  They were long, irregular and never  dropped below 60%.  After 10 hrs of that the doc checked me again and I was only TWO centimeters.  He was happy things were moving along but I was shaking, nauseous, in incredible pain and felt so defeated that after all of that time, I was only 2 centimeters.  That was when I decided to say yes to pain management and the epidural. 

At that time the only position I could be in and stand the pain was hugging the back of my bed.  My hubs and the doc kept trying to tell me to control my breathing but all I could muster was some kind of loud, drawn out exhale over and over.  When I got the epidural and it kicked in, the pain went from a 9 all the way down to a 2-3.  I asked them not to block me completely so I still got a little of what was going on but Oh My Goodness, I could finally relax a little bit.  After I relaxed things progressed much more quickly.  I labored another 7 hrs and then it was time to PUSH.  I pushed for about an hour and then the little guy started crowning.  I had the epidural turned down to half strength for pushing and by this time I was feeling a ton of pain.  I suddenly couldn’t do anything but concentrate on a little spec in the ceiling tile over me and this is when Aaron asks me, “What color do you think his hair is?”  I was thinking, “I SO don’t care right now,” but answered, “I don’t know, dark like mine.”  Aaron asked again and in the back of my mind I was thinking a mixture of oh my gosh this hurts, that speck on the ceiling tile is really interesting and why is Aaron harassing me about his hair and maybe there’s something funny he’s not telling me but all I could say was, “it’s gonna be dark!” And then I felt the woosh of him being born, he cried, I looked down and saw him. 

I saw my little guy getting placed right on top of me and he had this head full of RED hair.  It was so so red and the first thing I said was, “Oh my gosh he’s a red head!”  I could not stop grinning and neither could Aaron.



and that was it.  I labored for 18 hrs total and on January 23 at 1217 PM we met our 7 lb 1 oz, 20.5 inch long baby boy and named him Liam.




He has such amazingly chubby cheeks ❤

See you guys later with more updates!


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