Sunny Oats, A Sting & A Trick

How’s it going everyone?  Are you having a good day so far?  Mine’s not too shabby. At least it’s the weekend right?  I started my day out with a fantastic bowl of corny oats but this time I tried something new.  I saw sunflower seed butter at the base grocery store and thought since I see Kath, Allie, and Cait constantly raving about it, I may as well give it a try.


I tried it straight out of the jar and thought it was really salty and SUPER drippy.  It seemed like the perfect topping for cornbread oats.

sunny oats

I did one half with a little butter  and salt and the other half with the Sunbutter.  The whole bowl got a swirl of honey and you know what?  It was corny oat perfection.  I think I might be on the Sunbutter wagon now.  Sun

After my oats I had to go to the base immunizations for my MANDATORY flu mist.  ICK!  I hate the mist.  I mean if I’m going to have to get this vaccine in the first place, I’d rather it in the shot form.  I’m not really one for taking eggs up my nose  Green with envy   The worst part though was that the immunizations team didn’t stop there.  Apparently I was due for an Anthrax booster.  OH NO!!! Seriously, I hate that I have to get these shots.  I don’t want this stuff in me and you have no idea how badly that shot hurts.  First it sets your arm on fire and then after about 30 secs to a minute it goes away.  Everyone reacts differently but after the initial fire in the arm, my arm gets all red and swells up around the area.  After that part, my arm is sore for about two days and then it’s gone. 


Not.  Fun.  This picture doesn’t even do justice to how red it got.  I’m on my fifth shot now but the third was still the worst one.  I had an egg in my arm for about a week.  So, it’s a good thing I had to do push ups today.  Maybe working my arms out will help the shot’s side effects move their way out of my arm faster.   

Today was Week 4 Day 1 Easy on the push up plan.  My boss had a theory to test out with me on my push ups, so he decided to do them with me.


If you’re gonna show me what’s up Boss you better take it lower! 

Anywho, his theory was that I’m not weakish, but that I’m just psyching myself out before I start.  So he did them with me.  Today’s sets went 13, 15, 12, 11, & 16.   He tricked me though!!!  On the last set I finished my 16 and when I stopped he said I miscounted and still had two left.  So when I did two more I decided I had a little left and did two more than that.  When I finished those he said, “Hah! You just did four extra!”   Surprised smile

Well . . . I have to admit that he may be onto something.


The trickster himself, trying to play like he’s all nice and stuff.

Anywho, I’m off to go shopping at E-Mart.  It’s a big department store that’s about a 15 min drive from base.  If you come back tomorrow, you might see what I got for one of you lucky readers.  Be right back

Hope you all have a great Friday night!


8 thoughts on “Sunny Oats, A Sting & A Trick

  1. I’m glad you found someone to do pushups with you! It’s true, it can be all mental!
    Im so far behind on my pushups. I think it’s because of the level my app has me on, my are constantly feeling like jello! I face planted during my last pushup session during my last set because I couldnt support myself anymore! I count mine out in sets of 5 because it breaks it up and makes it seem more manageable.
    And holy crap to that shot!! That looks like it HURTS!

    • Yeah my app decided I didn’t do enough on the last exhaustion test, so I was moved down to Easy. It’s still hard though so I don’t mind so much. I nearly face planted today too lol 😀 Can’t wait to see what you do on Sunday’s video.

      Oh yes it hurts, I hope it goes away very soon. 🙂

    • Hahaha I’ve totally done that face plant! Fortunately (or maybe not) I’ve gotten enough balls to the face (TWSS) during basketball and I didn’t end up hurting myself. I switched to the easy level after that though.

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