The Greatest Gift Ever

So a few of my friends were able to get away for the weekend and go to the beach.  I didn’t go with them because I was too busy almost hitting nine because that’s WAY more fun than going to the beach right?  Ok, ok, I’m a lamo but whatev. Smile  Anywho, they brought me back the best present EVER.

Ya’ll know that I like to pilfer one, two or five of the complimentary Biscoff cookies at my coffee shop. I mean not that I condone stealing or anything but seriously, free Biscoff must be taken advantage of. Usually I have about 2-6 on hand


but now thanks to these guys


I am the proud owner of 90!

(Chris and the Boss broke into one of the sleeves)


Ok well, they’re not diamonds, flowers or a 7 day trip to Italy BUT they are a pretty darned AWESOME present Open-mouthed smile

Thanks guys!!!


I’m going to go stuff my face fuel up for today’s 10 miler with these  Rolling on the floor laughing

Have a great day all!!!

Have any of your friends got you a super awesome surprise before?


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