Almost Nine

Hey all!  How was your day? Mine was pretty chill.  I was able to catch up on and start a few projects like the vegan posts.  I’m way excited about those since I love the recipes so much.  It’s exciting to get to share things you love with other people and I REALLY love healthy and tasty food  Plate

So, today I had 9 miles on the schedule and I had already decided the day before that I wanted to do them at night.  You know . . . so I could have some fun on Friday night Martini glass  which I did but not TOO much fun.  Anyway, since I was running later I was careful with the eats all day and included lots of nutrients and NO GLUTEN.  I started out with a Chocolate PB Green Monster with Chia Seeds (for hydration) and made a large veggie and rice stir fry for supper.  Then at about 730 PM it was time to run.  I estimated today’s run would take about 1.5 – 1.75 hrs which meant it was time to bust out the fuel belt.


I know . . . it’s pretty hot Flirt female

I turned on my watch and left for the running path only to find out when I got there that my watch was DEAD.  Oh nos!!!  I kept going anyway but talk about annoying since I just charged it and only used it for a 4 mile run.

I had quite a random scary moment.  I was about at the 4 mile point and heard a gun shot.  I tore my earphones out looking around for it and heard another one.  I started wondering if it was because I was near the flightline and, crap, crap, I’m not threatening looking why would gunshots be going off???  Then I heard a bird call.  Really??? Someone’s shooting at birds at night?  Ohhhhh, yeah . . . apparently there was some night flying going on so there were people out scaring the birds away from the runway.  <slaps forehead>  Needless to say I laughed at myself a lot

Anywho, after that the run was quite the romantic and peaceful one with nothing but the moon, stars, and runway lights to guide me.  In the end, it was kinda nice not having the watch.  Weird since I just got it.  I liked that I wasn’t checking my pace every few minutes and kicking myself mentally for not going fast enough.  I did have to guestimate an extra mile after my 3.5 mile turn around point but I got it pretty close.  Afterwards I went to Map My Run and found that I did about 8.6 miles.  My legs certainly felt like I did that much.  Which meant only one thing . . .


. . . it’s definitely a two bag kinda night


I got my sweaters on, my warm drink of choice ready and set up an episode of Glee next to the tub. 


I’m just saying that two ice bags make a much colder bathtub than one ice bag.  I wonder what the neighbors thought when they heard my, “AHHHHH, it’s SO COLD!!!”   Freezing    Anyway, that’s one more long run down and only 13 more to go!

Hope ya’ll had a great day! 

Tell me about your work out  Smile  How’d it go???


4 thoughts on “Almost Nine

  1. you’re supposed to be in the tub. jk jk provocative! Good job. Didn’t know they’re straight up killing/scaring the birds at night too. Birds don’t sleep apparently. Maybe just bats!

    • Haha, thanks chica! I didn’t get any in the tub since I had no handy dandy photographer 😀 Know anyone??? Yeah I didn’t realize they did that at night either but it makes sense. Everytime I run perimeter road I see at least 20 cranes.

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