Operation Runners’ Group: Take Two

Hey all!  Having a good weekend?  Mine’s not too shabby.  I’m going shooting later today and then most likely a movie date is happening with the hubby. Anyone going to see Chernobyl Diaries?  I’m a huge wimp when it comes to scary movies so I’m most definitely not.  The choices for our date are between The Avengers (he hasn’t seen it yet!), MIB III, or Snow White and the Huntsman.  I’ve been super stoked about SWatH for a long time but Aaron hates packed theaters.  I’ll let you know what we settled on Smile 

So, if you’re subscribed to my facebook page then you know that my second attempt at Operation Runners’ Group was a huge success.  This time instead of meeting at some obscure park I’ve never heard of we met at one of the most famous places in San Antonio.  The Riverwalk. 

SA riverwalk bridge


This was just my kind of run.  There was great scenery and it was an out-and-back course.  The group had a run planned of a little over 4 miles.  I really wanted to do 4 but I’m very aware about how my stubbornness gets me into trouble so I ended up cutting my run down a little bit. The route took us down the Riverwalk a little through town and hitting the turnaround point at the World’s Tower in Hemisfair park.  Instead, I turned around right before getting to the park. 

SA riverwalk


For me, the run itself was difficult.  I left the house with a little bit of tummy trouble which hit me hard around the half mile mark and forced me to walk it out a little bit. Also, at about the 2.8 mark, I realized I was super dehydrated.  How?  My body went from feeling super hot and sweaty to feeling super cold and dry.  I even had goosebumps.  Thankfully the end was near so I just kept truckin. I finished 3.12 miles in 38 minutes. 

Normally I have a power song for each run but this time I had more of a power quote.  A cousin of mine posted this on his facebook page a couple of days ago:

you get better

It’s such a simple quote but it seriously stuck with me.  When that run got hard I just kept saying this to myself.  New mantra?   I think so  Be right back

Overall, this running meet up was awesome! I’m going to keep going because the route was great and I met some super nice folks that love to run.  Runners are awesome!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Do you like running with a group?  How about scary movies? 


2 thoughts on “Operation Runners’ Group: Take Two

  1. I heart the river walk! What a great place to run! I’m glad you were able to make it work with the running group!

    I’m not a scary movie person at all! My husband loves that kind of stuff, but I can’t stand it. And after I showed my students a documentary about Chernobyl, I’d be way too creeped out to ever see a scary movie about it. The reality is creepy enough.*

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