From Fremont St to Belly Bumps

Hey guys!  How are you?  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was for the most part pretty chill.  I’ve spent the whole last week pretty sick, which sucks more just because so much medicine is off limits with baby.  I’m hoping most of it is almost gone although I think this terrible cough is going to last a bit.  I’m toughing it out though Smile  I actually managed to tough it out on Saturday night and stayed out until 1 AM! I had a couple of cousins in town, so the hubs and I took them to our favorite restaurant in the New York, New York casino and then to Fremont St. 


Fremont was overrun with the crazies in costumes like usual.  We took our picture in front of the stage where an 80s cover-hairband was playing.  They were followed by a mariachi group.  Nothing like keeping it diverse right?  We also took them to the Golden Nugget to check out the shark tank and then to The D for vintage Vegas.  Overall it was a great night.  I had absolutely no voice for most of Sunday but it was worth it. 

Earlier last week I noticed that the spiny bushes outside my house that I pretty much hate, are actually quite pretty.  After all the rain Vegas got last week, mine are covered in purple pink flowers.  Pretty right?


Last but not least, I’ve moved into maternity pants at work.  They’re soooo comfortable.  I can still fit into my old jeans but only standing up.  As soon as I sit down, I feel like they’re trying to strangle me. 


Looks like it’s starting to fill in there!


And that’s about it for my weekend.  Like I said, mostly chill Smile 

How was your weekend?


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