Lately via Photo Dump

Hey guys! How are you?  Did you enjoy your Labor Day? We most certainly did. We took the dogs and headed out to Zion National Park, Utah for a day trip. Despite the thunderstorm that joined us, it was a gorgeous trip. I’ll get the pictures uploaded off the camera soon. In the meantime here’s a little more of what we’ve been up to.


We’ve been occasionally dipping into the touristy side of Vegas. Here we are eating at a cheeseburger joint in the Planet Hollywood Casino. We also went to a pretty awesome comedy/burlesque show that night. It was great and I left with a sore face from laughing too much.


Aaron and I have been working opposite shifts so the who are NOT normally allowed on the couch have been joining me for movies. They make a cute but bony blanket.

I’ve been trying to sneak in more veggies lately. (Aren’t we all?) I recently made a lasagna but mixed spinach and zucchini into the cheese mixture and carrots into the sauce.


It came out great! I’m def doing it this way from now on.


Here’s another kitchen update! Doesn’t it look so great? I’ll get some more pictures up once I’m done putting it back together.


Ahhhh! I love my new counters

Here’s another pic of the pups. They were so happy to be going on a ride that I had to get a pic.  Little did they know we were off to go hiking in Utah.


That’s about it for now. I’ll be back soon with Utah pictures and kitchen updates and maybe a baby update. Have a great weekend!


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