The Kitchen Project

Hey guys!  Hope you’ve been doing swell.  I’ve been switched to overnight 12 hour shifts so I’ve been busy adjusting to the terrible-ness that is that schedule.  However, I only work 3 days and then get 4 days off so it’s not THAT awful right?  I think it’s just the having to keep myself from jacking my sleep schedule up on the off days that’s a little hard.  Anywho, I wanted to fill you all in on the big kitchen project.  We still don’t have countertops but those are getting installed next week along with the sink.  A sink means we can hook up the dishwasher again and no more washing dishes in the bathroom!  YEAH!  So how about some befores?

I’ll admit that I never took some actual before photos but here’s what I could scrounge up to show you the layout. 

Here’s move-in day which is why it’s such a wreck.  As you can see it’s not tiny but it’s not a lot of workspace either.  I felt like everything was right on top of each other.


Here’s a slight view of the other side with our dishwasher already replaced.  The first one was a cheapo that the bank had put in.  Our dishes were never clean enough.  The pups faces are agreeing with me on the crappiness of the last dishwasher.


And here’s another view of that side of the kitchen with the old dishwasher but what I really wanted to show you is the bar top because it’s a goner. 


Here’s a close up of the cabinets.  We had two absurdly deep ones that had openings so narrow that I couldn’t fit my dishes in even at an angle.  I put a bottle of cleaner in there just to show how deep it went.


and finally my other beef with the cabinets was that most of them didn’t have backsides but instead big gaps and openings to the unfinished drywall. 


So lets fast forward a couple months to the new kitchen thus far.  The hubs knocked out all of the cabinets and countertops.  He also had to do a surprise project and rebuild the whole wall that had the sink and dishwasher on it.  When he pulled away the cabinets there was mold all over the wall and when he pulled the drywall off he found more mold on the studs.  ICK!  So that weekend he kicked me out of the house to stay at a friends and he rebuilt the wall.  Good thing he’s so handy right?  (I’m a proud wifey.)  Here’s the new cabinets now. 



So here’s the new wall with the cabinets. We decided we wanted to get rid of the bar top so we could extend out the countertops about 6 inches.  With the top gone that gives us so much more workspace that almost works like an island since I can walk around the three sides.  I guess that would make it a peninsula huh?  There will still be an overhang so we can get barstools under it still. 


And here’s a close up of the finish and hardware on the cabinets.


I’m so excited for it to be finished next week.  We’re switching out the laminate tops for granite and the stainless steel sink for a cream colored crushed granite one.  Here’s a preview of the counter top color. 


Everything is going to look so clean and bright!  Did I mention I’m excited???

Have a great night all!

Have you ever remodeled a part of your home?  Did you have any surprise projects like new walls come up?


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