Puppy Parents

Hellooooooooo out there! Are you still here?  Holy hiatus right?  Well I’m back with a post about my most popular subjects, the pups.  There’s nothing like saying I missed you with a slobbery faced boxer right?


Todays post is inspired by a conversation I was having with co-workers about their kids.  Aaron and I don’t have any kids but we feel like our two boxers fill that role for us.  Well, I mentioned that in the conversation and someone said, “dogs are NOT kids.”  It made me laugh but at the same time I argued that they’re like toddlers that never grow up.  I mean they do require some of the same responsibilities that come with parenthood right?

  • They can’t prepare their food on their own
  • if they make a mess I pick it up


  • if they’re sick we take them to the doc and make sure they get their medicine
  • I can’t leave them alone for long periods of time and if I’m going to be gone for longer than 10 hrs, they need to go to doggy daycare. 
  • Vacations?  I have to plan them around dog care or find a pet friendly hotel. 
  • If one of them happens to not be able to finish their business outside, guess who’s behind them with a napkin to lend a helping hand.  Gross but def true.  (I dare a dog owner to say they haven’t had to do that at least once! Especially with a long haired person in the household.)

Also, like toddlers, when a dog wants to play, it doesn’t care that you’re in the middle of chores or sleeping or trying to work out. 


Good morning!  Let’s tug!


Oh you’re doing sit ups Dad?  How about I get that sweat for you?


Oh you’re watching a movie Mom?  How about you throw my slobbery ball while you’re at it?


Sometimes the pups get too rowdy and then DAD has to get involved and practice his counseling skills.  Here’s Lucy looking appropriately guilty while getting a talking to.  IMAG0394

And finally just like all toddlers, pups need their naps. 


So yes, I really do think that my pups are my kids right now.  It’s a good thing they’re giving us all of this practice too because it looks like we’re getting another little bald pup in January Rolling on the floor laughing


Head on the left, arm curled under chin, legs curled up on the right

Have a great night!


8 thoughts on “Puppy Parents

  1. Holy crap Sylvia – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even imagine how excited you must be right now!!

  2. Congratulations! (“There’s a baby in there!”) What a happy time for you and your husband! And talk about a fake out. I was reading along, nodding my head, and then bam! Baby announcement! Haha! Well done! And congrats again!

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