Five Things

Hey there!  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far.  Aaron and I are still in the midst of unpacking things and getting the house situated but we do have internet now!  Here are five random things from the past month.  There’s plenty more to share but I’ll stick with five for now.

1.  My last month in San Antonio was absolutely crazy so I made a feeble and budgeted attempt at a Command Center to help keep myself organized.


My favorite part of it was my motivation poster that I had printed out.  I put it together with pictures from my 2013 Pinspiration board


2.  I went to the San Antonio rodeo twice and it was awesome!  The roomie and I went with our classmate to see The Band Perry and they were super entertaining.  We just couldn’t get over how great they sounded live.  My favorite parts were all of their song mash ups and also their rendition of “Fat Bottomed Girls.”  Anywho, the second night at the rodeo, my inlaws took us to see the state fair, the rodeo finals, and to see Darius Rucker in concert! 


Somewhere in all the excitement we found a moment to have a red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese drizzle and a glass of red wine.


Ohhhh yes

That concert was so MUCH fun that I’m still listening to Darius Rucker on Pandora radio.  It’s the perfect blend of 90’s rock and new country.  Think Hootie and the Blowfish, Counting Crows, Jake Owen, Zac Brown Band, etc

3.  In San Antonio it seems that at most of the major intersections there are homeless folks with signs asking for money.  Other than in Tucson, I’ve never really seen that much before so I always feel super guilty if I get stuck at a red light.  Well, while I was packing up my room in San Antonio I found some Christmas candy I’d never eaten lying around and a random dollar bill.  I’m not sure why I thought to put it together but I stuffed them all in a little snack bag and decided to give it to the first homeless person I see. 


Snack bag:  two baseball mints, kit kat bar, lemon heads and $1

I ended up giving it away after work the next day.  The roomie was with me and she laughed at how red in the face I was as I reached for my bag when the guy approached my car.  I didn’t want to creepy stare him so she gave me the run down of what he was doing as we drove away.

“He’s reaching in the bag, oh man that dollar went in his pocket quick.  Oh wait I think he’s going back for more.  Dude…that kit kat is a goner”

SUCCESS! Open-mouthed smile  Lame? Maybe  Silly? Yes.  A good thing still? Definitely

4.  What did you do for St. Patty’s day?  We had some friends over and grilled out. 


On the menu were beef, chicken and veggie kebabs,


beer soaked sweet potato fries, (those were delicious with the Guinness Ale!) vegan black bean burgers and Irish Car Bomb Cake Balls. 


This is the hub’s friend Sean making us our cake balls.  As you can see, Whiskey the dog is very interested in Whiskey the cake.


The golden gremlin was much more interested in any stray pieces of chicken that might sprout out of the floor at the hub’s feet.

5. Our new house needs a lot of work. It was a foreclosure that was on the market for a long time so naturally some thieves decided to take advantage, break into the house and steal things from it. The bank we bought it from did a pretty good job of fixing it up…or so we thought. We’re realizing what a slapped together cosmetic job it really was which means there is a TON of work that we need to do to it. Don’t get me wrong, the house is nice, a great layout and absolutely liveable. We just have to do things like get all of the broken glass out of our yard.



Anywho, that’s five random things from the past month of absence.  I hope you all have a great Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. You had me at red velvet funnel cake! Holy cow! Yes please!

    I’m happy to see that you’ve gotten moved and are getting settled. Minus the glass in the yard. Less of that would probably be better.

    • Oh it was sooo delicious 🙂

      Thank you and I’m looking forward to you getting settle as well. I’m pretty sure you’re ready for all of the moving to be over and just to have some normalcy right?

  2. Dang – we had the EXACT same situation w/glass in the yard due to foreclosure/thievery with our Tucson house. 😦 Hope you’ve been able to work the house at a steady pace and it’s not stressing you too much!

    I am sooo gonna have to try those sweet potato fries… we eat them so much, I’m seriously thinking of investing in a fry cutter! lol

    • Ick! The glass is so annoying right??? Thankfully, we’ve been diligent about spending 15-20 mins out there almost every night chasing sparkles so most of it is out now. Surprisingly we’ve had no bloody puppy paws either.

      The house is coming along fine and I’m doing well at treading the line of wanting to burn the remaining boxes and actually getting them unpacked/put away. We’ve almost got our projects prioritized but we’re torn between landscaping the dirt yard, redoing the kitchen or replacing the sliding glass door with french doors first. Oi!

      Try the fries!!! They’re so so good 🙂

      • As much as I know the severe annoyance of having dirt for a yard with two big dogs, is it a bad time of year to landscape in the SW? Seems like it’s too late to plant in order for things to establish a decent root system. I’d go for the kitchen, but then again we live in our kitchen so it’s kind of the central hub of the house. 🙂

        I haven’t bought any beer yet to try the recipe, but we did make SP fries in bacon grease last night. lol! We’ve read so much contradictory evidence about health & nutrition the last few years that we’re starting to disbelieve everything the FDA/govt tells us is ‘healthy’… Drew went Paleo about 4 months ago (no processed foods or grains) and has lost 38 lbs… and I’m kind of a restaurant vegetarian now (I eat meat at home) because what we’re buying is from a local farm we toured that doesn’t use hormones, antibiotics, etc. and the animals graze on grass & bugs all day. After I cooked some bacon/ham yesterday, we used the grease to cook our SP fries and OMG! They were amazing! I know people think we’re nuts, but it’s working for us so hey… 🙂

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