Resolutions and Challenges

Hey there!  How are you guys?  I’m doing pretty swell even though things are pretty dang busy.  Are you all sticking to your resolutions or goals still?  I’m holding strong to my new attitude for the year.  Although, I did have one melt down last Friday.  I’m human and I slip up and can get really hard on myself.  What happened though was a little silly for me to get so down on myself the way I did.  You see, our final section for this year long course is Respiratory Therapy and I’m not sure why but every single quiz is set up in a manner that everyone is expected to do terribly and failing isn’t surprising.  Well this last quiz I studied SO. HARD and walked away from it thinking I got at least an 80.  I’ve failed every quiz so far, so that standard was high.  I got it back though and was smacked in the face with a 66%.


Are you serious???  I had a mini melt-down at home, even telling myself I wasn’t going to make it in this new career and then lo and behold, my roommate discovers me moping and tells me that the passing grade was a 55.

. . . Are you serious???  I really do need to follow my new rule and just


Other than that ridiculousness though, all has been golden.  Now I’m just studying non-stop since I test for tech sergeant again next Tuesday and have our final exam in Respiratory Therapy next Friday too.  That’s two major career changing tests in one week!  AHHHHHH! 

… Anyway, yeah, how are your resolutions going? 

February I’d like to do a couple of challenges.  The first one being Katy Widrick’s 28 Day Blog Challenge.  Basically, she’s asking people to spend an entire month reworking, refreshing, and revitalizing their blogs.  She’s setting up 28 goals for herself and others.  I’m way too busy right now to devote myself to adding 28 new blogging goals but there are some goals I’d like to get done this month like:

  • Post more.  I can post at least a picture a day, so I’m going to give myself a goal of 15 posts this month.
  • Comment more.  I used to be in the top 10 comments on my favorite blogs most days and now even commenting is a rare occurrence.  I blame the ease of reading my blogs on my phone with a Google reader app but the inconvenience of typing out comments on an itty bitty touch screen.  I want to do better this month.

Another challenge I’d like to give myself for February is a Move Everyday Challenge.  I’ve been sticking with my cleaner diet so far but I’d like to get more exercise into the mix now.  Moving everyday doesn’t have to mean a hardcore work out every single day.  It just means doing something like:

  • chores/cleaning house
  • a long walk
  • taking the stairs instead of the elevator at the hospital where I work
  • a 5 minute blitz workout to a 45 minute swim

My main goal with all of that activity?  I’d like to lose a total of 8 lbs this month and 2 lbs a week is completely doable. Sheesh, now that I’ve put that out on the net, I guess I’ve gotta do it right? 


Reason #100 to stay fit

Have a great day all and Happy Friday!


One thought on “Resolutions and Challenges

  1. I think keeping calm is one of those things that takes practice, at least in my experience. It doesn’t happen overnight and when you face stressful situations (like that lame test!), your resolve will be tested. But it sounds like you are putting forth a great effort!

    Sounds like a big week ahead. Wishing you lots of luck and sending you good, calm vibes!*

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