Time to Regroup

Well hey there!  . . . You are still there right?  I disappeared.  Again.  I’m not going to apologize this time (it’s silly for me to anyways) but can I say I missed you?  I’ve just been busy living a pretty unbalanced life.  I quit doing my usual stuff in order to study more and concentrate on some side projects of mine. Like exploring my apparent photographer side.  I’m not completely sure I enjoy editing photos but I really did enjoy taking these shots that my friends requested from me.  What do you think?ct close up  (1 of 1)patio pink (1 of 1)

birthday 2 (1 of 1)             cream lacy window (1 of 1)

They’re Boudoir style which isn’t for everyone ( I only showed the super tame ones)  but as I explained to another friend, why wouldn’t I want to take a photo of someone and make her feel amazing about herself.  These chicas are shy but beautiful and they loved their photos when all was said and done.  That’s the biggest thing attracting me to taking these kind of photos. 

Aside from the photography stuff, life has pretty much looked like 70% schoolin and 30% everything else but I’ve decided to loosen up on school.  Even though I’ve been working super hard I’m not going to be able to pull distinguished grad out of this phase.  1 out of two isn’t bad and I shouldn’t be hard on myself for pulling an 88% in my training.  88 is still outstanding and at least I’m really trying to learn right?  Anyway, self-pep talk aside,  I really am trying to take things a little bit easier. 

October brought my last new section in school. Respiratory therapy.  In fact this Wednesday is my first day working in the ICUs and as nervous as I am, I’m also super excited about it.  Plus, I’m that much closer to finishing.  I actually only have one more major test and I’m done!

October also gave me the opportunity to introduce two good friends to The Rocky Horror Picture Show on stage.  It was amazing!  I loved it and was so excited to introduce my friends who had never even seen the movie.  We now know all the steps to the time warp too Open-mouthed smile


blurry bathroom picture at the show

November was more and more studying.  My PT test also snuck up on me.  I actually postponed my weightlifting only program (after completing 4 weeks) to concentrate on working for my PT test. I passed with flying colors but didn’t do nearly as well as last year.  I actually dropped 8 pts which sucks.  Now that the test is over, I’m officially taking an extended break from running to do other things in fitness that don’t leave me upset and clutching/stretching my IT band constantly.  I found out there’s a 24 hr aquatic center very close to my apartment so I’m thinking I’m going to pick that up again but this time full time instead of as crosstraining.

November also brought Thanksgiving with my hubs and his family in Dallas.  It was great getting to meet more family and hang out with my hubby.  The week after Thanksgiving my husband had shoulder surgery which means for the next two weeks he’s rehabbing in San Antonio with me and the two pups.  The new puppy is working out super well and we did end up renaming her Lucy Lou.  It fits her and we’ve already found ourselves saying, “LUCY! You have some ‘splainin to do!”   So I guess that brings us all pretty much up to date but doesn’t really address why I needed to come back at least today. 

I had another doctors appointment today to address stomach issues and he wants me to go off of my gluten free diet for the next 2 1/2 weeks!  He’s also scheduling me with gastroenterology at the end of it so they can investigate my stomach and intestines from the inside out.  I’ve never been put under anesthesia so this will be a new experience for me that I’m really not looking forward to.  I’m also trying not to stress out with the idea that I can, for right now, eat whatever in the world I want.  I have to create inflammation so the Doc can take a look at it, and here I am enjoying a Starbucks Lemon Poundcake for the first time in a really really long time.  However, I can’t stop thinking about how I don’t want to go crazy, and gain a bunch of weight in the next couple of weeks just because I can have gluten for right now.  ALSO, as excited as I am to be able to enjoy whatever pizza and sandwiches I want, I’m also not excited about all of the stomach pain I’m going to have to endure in the name of investigation. 

Anywho, I guess I just wanted to talk about it for a second.  I hope you all are doing fantastic and that your holidays are going wonderfully.   Anyone doing any cool DIY projects for presents this year?  I’ve gone crazy with the DIY projects but I’m not sharing until after Christmas.  I love them all so far though Smile  Have a great day all!


One thought on “Time to Regroup

  1. I was so excited to see a post by you pop up on my Good Reader! Glad you are back! Good luck with all your stomach issues. Sounds like a big ol’ pain to me. Hopefully though they can figure out a solution.

    How nice that you and your husband got to spend Turkey Day together. (And we both ended up celebrating the holiday in Dallas! What are the odds?) I hope that his recovery goes well!*

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