No Piggies Today

We had a good day of training today.  We had a quiz, a lesson on breath sounds and then we went into the simulation lab. 

I kind of love the sim lab and was super stoked to find out that there is a computerized IV simulation.  It’s a pretty awesome little gadget that I’m going to have to get a picture of.  It makes me especially happy because practicing the IVs on people was making me sick with nerves just because if you don’t put enough pressure on the arm as you’re getting everything connected up, then a lot of blood can just free flow out of your catheter.  I just don’t want to mess up is my problem. 

Anywho, check this out!


These are some of our mannequin patients that we can practice on.  The place is set up like an ICU so we can get a feel for the equipment and different scenarios.  We get all kinds of mannequins ranging from babies to grown adults.


This chica came with a surprise under her sheet.  I thought she looked a little big so I pulled it up and found a big deflated pregnant belly.  When I pulled the flap up, there was a little baby and fake placenta .  Pretty cool huh?


Well hello in there!

Not that it’s going to be that neat in real life.  It is cool to get a general idea of how our job is going to work before we go learn on actual patients though. 

It may be lame of me but right now, I much prefer this type of training to working on a pig

Have a great night!

What kind of training do you prefer?  Hands on/reading/observing?  Are you ok with animal experimentation?  If yes, can you help me understand why?


One thought on “No Piggies Today

  1. Fake placenta! Haha! This looks way more fun than working on pigs. (And probably not as smelly, too.)

    In the world of education, we have a saying, “I do, we do, you do.” It’s a way of teaching where the student watches, the teacher and student do it together, and then the student does it on their own. (The middle portion is supposed to be the longest with the student gradually taking over more and more.) This is how I teach and this is how I learn best! I need to see how something is done, and then I need the opportunity to do it with assistance.

    I don’t know if I could work in a medical field for this very reason. Sticking people for practice makes me so nervous. The type-A, perfectionist side of me couldn’t handle it. But I know you are learning from the best! Keep working on those dummies, and you’ll be an expert in no time!*

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