I’m Giving Up Pork

Hey all! How is your week so far?  Mine is going pretty swell.  I started respiratory therapy on Monday and guess what? 

I have my very own stethoscope now!


This makes me feel so legit

I’m also the proud owner of three new textbooks.


The bottom book only has 1134 pages!

Anywho, today the instructor proposed something that caught me really off guard.  He was on a tangent about how it sucks that our training hospital is consolidating with another hospital so there aren’t as many patients right now.  Not as many patients means not as many training opportunities for US.  Everyone in my class really wants to learn how to do intubations, tracheostomies, arterial blood gases, etc.  So the instructor asked, “Are ya’ll willing to go hard?  Do you really want to get the training?”  Everyone answered with a resounding, “YEAH!”  Then he follows up with, “If you are, I’ll make a call to get us a pig to practice on.” 


I think everyone in the room but me was excited about this turn of events.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want the training but I’d rather train on people or a sim dummy at least.  I don’t like the fact that we’re bringing in a pig to play train with and then kill, one bit.  Who cares if it’s a pig, I’m not with PETA, or a vegan/vegetarian but I love animals and I loved the book Charlotte’s Web and I just don’t like this at all.  Do any of you guys watch Grey’s Anatomy?  Do you remember when Dr. Owen Hunt took over trauma?  He took all of the students into a room separated with a giant curtain. 

curtained pigs

He then pulls the curtain to reveal pigs on gurneys and under anesthesia.  The students barely have time to register that they will be doing training on pigs when Dr. Hunt takes a scalpel and stabs/slashes each pig in different areas.  He then tells the students to keep the pigs alive and leaves!

Pig Surprise

Izzy walks out but the rest of the students work their tails off saving the pigs only to have to put them to sleep after the whole ordeal.  With the exception of all of the surgery, that’s what we’re going to be doing!!!  I don’t really want to do it but if I don’t, I and possibly the whole class won’t get the training.  With the lack of patients we really really need the training.  It’s a dilemma for sure.  Anyway, in the end I’m probably just going to do what I’ve got to do however, I think I see myself never eating pork again in the future.


At least I have a stethoscope to play with now! 

Have a good night!


2 thoughts on “I’m Giving Up Pork

  1. This post made me laugh a bit about the timing. I read it the same day that I was making pulled pork for my husband!

    Pig is one of the things that I don’t eat and I never miss it. I was never a bacon-lover or a ham-craver. Plus, after reading a post on Daily Garnish about a pig sanctuary, I don’t think I could eat it even if I wanted to.*

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