Breakfast Cookies Pt II and a New Toy

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re having a great day so far.  I am since I got to go to work a little late today.  Report time was 0830! Anywho, I’m sure the title is what’s got you intrigued since it has the magic word of cookies involved.  I’ll get right to it.  What do you get when you take this


Plus these


mix them with cookie batter


and bake until golden brown?


The answer is Laura’s Maple Bacon Pancake Cookies.  I’m going to tell you they are delicious because honestly how can they not be?  Pancake batter, chocolate and bacon rolled into one buttery sweet little cookie?  It honestly sounds like heaven.  But . . . yes there’s a but.  I screwed them up.  I blame this pancake mix.


I wanted to make them gluten free for moi but couldn’t find my normal King Arthur gluten free pancake mix at the grocery store. King Arthur’s is delicious!  So I settled for this one and I’ve gotta say Maple Grove Farms folks, this mix sucks.  If you like the flavor of black licorice then maybe this is your cup of tea.  I don’t so this mix made my cookies taste weird and on the verge of icky.  The only thing that saved them was the bacon, chocolate and sugary goodness. Those are the reasons I urge you to make these cookies anyway.  Well, that and the fact that your living space and hands will smell like maple syrup and bacon for the rest of the day.  Trust me, your man tummy will thank you.  Don’t worry Laura.  I’m giving these another go once I get more of my favorite GF pancake mix.  Moving on . . .

After my first phase of training this year, I had to change apartments.  Somehow during that move my trusty Garmin 305 went missing. 


I’ve spent the last three months searching and searching for it but alas I can’t find it. Last week the hubs agreed to let me get another watch.  After a lot of research I decided to go with the Garmin 405 which has a touch face, is a better color, smaller size and has the virtual running partner.


It didn’t come charged so I’ve gotta go set it up but believe me when I say I’m super stoked for my next run.  Rolling on the floor laughing 

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Cookies Pt II and a New Toy

  1. Bacon? In cookies? You’re crazy! But that sounds like something my husband would scarf down! Haha! Something about salty and sweet always does the trick. They look delicious!

    Yeay for a new Garmin! There’s nothing like a new toy to motivate a girl!*

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