I Finally Gave In

Soooo, I’ve been purposely late to the pick up point for the bandwagon for a really long time.  Actually, I refused to even look at the wagon because I feared once I did, I wouldn’t be able to look away.  I just had this feeling that I would get sucked in to it like blogs sucked me in and then I wouldn’t have any time for anything else due to the incessant need to fill my time with this dreaded activity.  However, yesterday, when I was looking through my stats I saw a link that led a few people to my little site.


I’d been pinned.


And then the flood gates opened and I created an account and BOOM an addiction was formed.  I’m really hoping the novelty wears off within the next 24 hrs because in the past 24 hrs I’ve created 12 boards, and pinned 88 items.  I need to walk away but right now all I can look at are home decorating ideas, hair colors, FOOD PORN, puppy pictures and travel spots.

Anywho, I thought I’d let ya’ll know just in case you have an account.  Then we can be pinterest fiends friends right?

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Have a great night!


4 thoughts on “I Finally Gave In

  1. I like the blog’s new look! Your header is so cute. I need to re-do mine, but I am so technology-challenged.

    I have also stayed away from pinterest for fear of getting addicted! I am still figuring out twitter (don’t I sound technology-simple when I say that? ugh!), so I don’t foresee myself getting on pinterest any time soon. One new website at a time for this girl!*

    • It’s the biggest time suck EVER! If you don’t need to go, don’t go to the site 🙂 I’ve really been enjoying the home decorating ideas for my next house though.

      Thanks for te compliment. It took a really long time to figure out but if you’d like to try updating your header using word and paint, let me know and I can help. After all of the redos I did on mine, I kinda feel like a pro now.

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