GB: Getting My Mojo Back

Well hey there folks.  How have you been?  I’ve been just dandy with lots and lots on my mind.  If you’re new to the Getting Balanced posts here are the last two:

So I’ve got a short story before I get started.  Last week the roomie had some friends over for dinner.  One of them cracked a joke about my posting about the dinner on my blog and another said that she had actually visited the site before.  She commented that it was, “innnteresting.”  For those of you who don’t speak female, when a chica says something is interesting in that manner, it usually means the opposite of interesting. My reaction?  I immediately started to justify how my little site used to be better and then shut my mouth.  I shouldn’t have to justify how awesome my site used to be because I still think it is.  It just needs a little pick me up . . . or rather, I do. 

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the last week and came to the conclusion that I’ve spent the last 8 months “trying to get my mojo back.”  There isn’t even a lot getting in the way and yet at the same time there is.  I think my lack of motivation is just a by product of the mild-depression that comes from being separated from my spouse for far too long or the recurring IT pain I get whenever I run past that 4 mile mark. Combine those two with a crappy attitude and the writers block I feel even after I just outlined 4 posts that I want to write.  See?  My mojo is gone. 

However, I’m working at getting it back and here’s some of the ways:

Exercise Goals:

I’ve reevaluated them.  I’m not aiming for a race or some fitness event that proves “I’M AN ATHLETE TOO!”  Instead, I’m trying to get my muscles balanced back out.  I got ITBS for a reason and that means that I need to address it.  I’ll explain this in another post though.  For right now, I’m just switching up my workouts and not doing the same thing in a row, which has actually come out to more of a triathlon training schedule. 


I’ve learned recently that relaxation time and Me time are not the same thing.  They’re close but not the same.  Relaxation time means taking some time to do absolutely nothing important.  However, quality me time is doing something for yourself that benefits you in more than one way.  The last two weeks I’ve read three books just for leisure and I can’t even tell you when the last time I did that was.  Not only did I give myself the time to relax and read, but I also learned a lot from the books I chose and lastly, I was entertained by them.  Learning + Leisure +Fun = Quality Me Time


I’m doing an experiment with myself.  I’m going to try scheduling my day out so I see how much time I really do have to get things done and still take time out for myself.  It’s amazing how when it’s all down on paper, it’s so easy to see that there is not that much demanding my time beyond my piss poor attitude.  Here’s a sample of my day:

Sample Schedule

It’s nothing crazy and completely manageable.  I need to start remembering that and taking care of me and everything else. 

So that’s my attempt at getting my mojo back.  Throughout this process I just have to keep my attitude in check and remember

you get better

Have a great night!

Ever lost your mojo? How’d you get it back?


4 thoughts on “GB: Getting My Mojo Back

  1. Get that mojo back! Sounds like you’ve given this lots of thought and I love that you have a plan. I have definitely had my mojo come and go. I agree that spouse separation can be a big contributing factor. You’ll get back to where you want to be.

    And, isn’t it tricky waters when people you know in real life read your blog? My blog is not a secret and I frequently post links on my facebook page, but I have had coworkers make some rude-ish comments about it. (One woman told me it made her uncomfortable to read it. What do I say to that? I’m sorry?)*

    • It’s SO tricky when people I know read my blog! It makes me nervous and a lot of times I’ll get writers block just because I’m afraid I’ll say something dumb or offensive. Thanks so much for the encouragement though lady. I always appreciate your comments 🙂

  2. Don’t give a 2nd thought to the girl who was rude about your blog, chica (& Amy, too!). They’re YOUR blogs that you write for you & others with similar interests; if people don’t like it they don’t have to return! I, for one, like hearing your insights & like hearing how you’re doing. Yet again, I’ve learned something about myself, too; the fact that I need to take quality Me & relaxation times, too. I only allow myself to do things on The To Do list which means I never read a book for pleasure, etc. anymore. Between reading this & your last heart post, I know I have GOT to change that!!

    • Quality me time has completely changed the way I relax. I feel a lot less like a bum but I’m still happier that I’m taking time for myself. Thanks for all of the encouragement and you are one person I know that I don’t mind reading here at all 🙂

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