What a Difference

Hey folks!  How are you?  I’m doing pretty darn good since I’m high off of exercise endorphins.  Those endorphins though are giving me the courage to make a confession.  It’s oh so cliché and predictable too.  It’s one of the reasons my workouts have been so sporadic and at times half-hearted.  Some of my friends (that includes you boss Smile )  even noticed that:

  • I quit posting pictures of myself
  • The tone of some of my posts was a little less enthusiastic
  • I quit blogging so much

Yep <sigh> I let myself gain weight.  Not just a couple of pounds either.  I usually don’t get hung up on numbers and go by how my clothes fit if I’m ever in this situation.  However, almost none of my clothes fit anymore and I find myself dressing a bit more loose and flowy strategically lately.  I let myself get on a scale a month a go and I got punched in the face with some of those pesky numbers.  I for serious have about 24 lbs to lose.  Surprised smile

I. Can’t. Believe. I just typed that. 

If you look at my fitness log for July 2012, you’ll see I managed to get my booty moving 18 times last month.  Just that amount caused me to lose four pounds.  I didn’t change my eating habits which Is next on the list.  You’ll notice yesterday that I kept myself from eating my feelings which turned out to be a pretty big achievement for me.  I didn’t realize just how much I struggle with stress eating until this year. 

Anywho, another thing that’s been affecting workouts is something so small that I didn’t bother to remedy it until yesterday!  I’m so glad I did though. 

The problem?  My workout clothes! 

They’re just too small for me now and they only make me feel bad instead of determined when I put them on.  The waistband on my shorts is really constricting too and was making my stomach cramp during runs.  So yesterday after my workout I went and bought some new ones at a discount store. 


I walked away with two better fitting tops and 4 pairs of shorts.  I liked the light blue pair on the right so much that I got them in a big size and a smaller size so I could keep wearing them.  They have built in spandex shorts underneath them!  The best part is I got 6 items from Marshall’s for $64.  That’s a steal with workout clothes!


It could have been a fluke but today was a great day at the gym!  I ran longer and harder and just all around felt better.  I wasn’t thinking about what rolls (real or imaginary) were showing.  I wasn’t constantly tugging at my shorts trying to make them more comfortable.  Best of all, I wasn’t worried at all.  I Just. Ran.  It was fantastic.  At the end of my treadmill runs I like to add a burst of speed but lately I could only do about 30 secs of 7 mph.  Today I held out for 2 full minutes before I walked it out to the finish.  Nice and sweaty run? 



I finished out my gym time with a 1000m swim and about 15 mins in the steam room.  It was glorious. 

Have you ever had to deal with “letting yourself go?”  What helped? 

The last time I “let myself go” was in 2004-5.  I lost all of the weight in basic training though.  Please don’t make me go back again!


3 thoughts on “What a Difference

  1. I guess those hubby food making, cakes, and other stuff caught up to that Puerto Rican behind? JK don’t hurt me!

    I let myself go in the weekends but I hit 150% On my workouts or else I’ll be mad at myself. I may or may not have answered that right but oh well.

    Hope you’re doing well… I am doing great. 🙂

    • haHA! I won’t hurt you. I blame going from a job where I was constantly running around the squadron to being a student at a desk all of time along with all of the above. The weekends are really hard to navigate when your friends don’t follow your eating guidelines, add gluten-free to the mix and it’s even more difficult. I’ve honestly just not been keeping myself accountable and have been treating every day like a speccial occasion to have something yummy.

      I am doing well and I’m so glad you are too. 🙂 I hope you come see me before your patriotic vacation in the fall!

  2. When’s a good time? I’m ready! I feel that eating habit. I try to stay on the healthy eating but when socializing, it’s wherever the crowd goes. I’m trying to cook more though, made this salmon and I’m starting to have a fish tooth. NO PUNS INTENDED. I guess I’ve been chowing down on chicken+beef that new flavors interest me. Plus it’s lean meat and junk.

    I’ll see if I can scoot down in eptember. If you’re free, schedule. I’d like to see seth too! lol

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