Post Test Trauma

So I took my first test today and while I didn’t fail, I didn’t score even close to as well as I planned on.  Right now I could totally just be happy that I’m one step closer to “Done Graduated” instead of “Distinguished Graduate (Honors)” but instead I want to wallow and feel bad.  Usually that means diving head first into my wine stash, sappy movies, and copious amounts of Ben & Jerry’s.  However, I don’t think that will quite do to wear out the stressed  Devil  little kid Crying face  that’s busy kicking and screaming inside my chest right now.  

So I’m going to the gym to go do some of this


some of this


and maybe after I’ve blown off some steam, I’ll top it off with sitting in the gym’s steam room filled with soothing scents and heat. 

Afterwards, I may still get that Ben & Jerry’s . . . just to refuel right?

I hope ya’ll have a great Friday night!

See you when I see you Rainbow


2 thoughts on “Post Test Trauma

  1. Great way to handle it! You’ll feel emotionally & physically better in the long run, AND you’ll be re-energized from both exercise and B&J’s! lol

    I so hope that my new troops are as determined, positive, and fun as you are, Sylvia!!

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