Pets are Family Too

Hey all.  I hope your week is going well thus far.  I’m pretty sure I’ve stated this before but I’m not real good with expressing real feelings with people.  When something tragic happens to someone, I’m usually the one awkwardly patting their back because I don’t know what else to do or say.  This time it’s almost the same with the only difference being it’s me getting the I’m sorrys and hugs and let me know if you need anythings.  Of course they’re all super appreciated but I just don’t know how to respond to them.

Anywho, I guess I’ll just stop beating around the bush and just let you know that Mocha passed at around 230 Tucson time this morning.  I got the phone call at 0453 my time and I didn’t know what to do since I couldn’t believe it initially.  It wasn’t until my husband hung up the phone that it really hit me that when I get to go home, Mocha won’t be there wiggling hello to me at the door.


She won’t be demanding our attention to play or feed her anymore

mocha plays

and we won’t be catching Mocha and Whiskey being insanely cute or play fighting anymore

WnM sleeping

I accepted a couple of months ago that she was very sick and I knew this day was coming.  I’m so glad that she’s not hurting (or pretending not to hurt) anymore


But the three of us are really going to miss our buddy




I can’t express how thankful I am that we got a fantastic year and a half with this girl.  She really was a special pup and her happy face, wiggily body and sassy attitude are going to be missed.



3 thoughts on “Pets are Family Too

  1. Sylvia, I’m so sorry to hear about Mocha! I’m sending you some good vibes and virtual hugs. Like your title says, pets ate family. I know you are hurting right now. Hang in there.*

  2. Ah chica – soooo poopy. My & Drew’s thoughts are with all 3 of you. Drew says extra *hugs* as he knows what it’s like not being there when your kiddo passes. 😦 I’m so happy for you that you got to spend those last couple months with her – I bet that extra time with Mom was what she needed so she could peacefully move on!!

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