Super Productive Weekend

Hey all!  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty fantastic and as the title suggests, I was a chore completion machine.  Laundry was tackled, floors were cleaned, future lunches/breakfasts were made, posts were written and homework was accomplished.  I even had time to surprise my roomie with a breakfast I knew she’d be a big fan of. 

She LOVES Shipley’s donuts and kolaches but I wanted to take her to an actual kolache place to try the ones I’m used to.  I was able to score a Groupon that got us breakfast for two for only $7 at the Kolache Stop and so we stopped by Saturday morning.  BTW if you don’t know what a kolache is (you need to try one then!)  it’s a sweet roll stuffed with sweet or savory fillings.  Cream cheese is my absolute favorite but they were out!  Bummer Crying face  Instead, she had two cheese and sausage rolls and I had two bacon and cheese rolls.  Since they were out of the cream cheese, the shop gave us a sticky pecan roll to split.


She was stoked! (and she may kill me for posting this pic)


I was too Rolling on the floor laughing

Oh my goodness it was all so delicious but no it was definitely NOT gluten free.  It doesn’t matter though.  Some experiences are just worth a stomach ache.  On a side note, I gamble with gluten now and then.  I’ve found that if I only have some every once and a while, the symptoms are there but not THAT bad.  It’s encouraging but confusing too because I’d like to know what I can and can’t eat.  Ah well, back to the weekend! After breakfast, we headed to Ross and Marshall’s for a little shopping.  I didn’t get much for myself but I did fall in love with some furniture. 


I want these chairs so much!


Anywho, I STILL managed to get in two solid workouts.

Weekend Workouts

Saturday Swimming

  • Warm Up
    • 100 Free
    • 100 Kick
    • 100 Paddles (Pull)
  • Comfortable Pace w/30 sec rest between
    • 200 Free
    • 200 Back
    • 200 Kick
    • 200 Paddles
  • Easy/Hard Pace w/30 sec rest between
    • 25 (Easy) Free / 25 (Hard) Free
    • 25 (Easy) Back / 25 (Hard) Back
    • Repeated 4x
  • Slow and leisurely
    • 100 Kick
    • 100 Free
    • 100 Breast
  • Total = 1600 meters

Sunday Long(ish) Run

I thought the first long run with the RG was on Sunday but apparently it’s next Sunday.  So, I just hopped onto the apartment treadmill and did 30 mins at a level 2 incline at 5 mph.  I took it slow and easy and you know what?  I didn’t have to stop to walk once AND my leg didn’t tweak at me at all.  This was definitely the best run I’ve had in way too long and I was so pumped afterwards.  Power song of the day goes to Florence and the Machines with Shake it Off.  All followed by a delicious Green Cake Batter smoothie.  No recipe because the cake batter flavor wasn’t super pronounced but it WAS delicious none the less. 


How was your weekend?  Were you a couch surfer or super productive?  Either are more than ok with me Open-mouthed smile

Have a great day!!!


2 thoughts on “Super Productive Weekend

  1. Yeay for a great weekend and for having time to workout! You go girl! My weekend was pretty good, too. We did some way overdue spring cleaning and ended up with 10 huge bags of stuff to donate. I feel so much better knowing we majorly decluttered.*

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