Scrubs, Surgeries, and Half Marathon Training

Well hello there and a Happy Friday to you!  Did you have a good day so far?  I hope so because mine was and my yesterday was also awesome!  I mentioned in the last post that I was getting to visit a cath lab at a bigger hospital and I can’t even begin to tell you just how cool it was.  We were able to put on scrubs


My first time in scrubs!  I wish I could wear PJs everyday!

and sit in on two surgeries!  The first one was a cath procedure where they routed wires and tools through the arteries to check out both the left and right side of the patient’s heart.  The second one I got to stand over the Dr.’s shoulder and watch him reseat the leads of a pacemaker.  (There was blood, a scalpel, stitches and all!)  I also learned a lot from their technician manning the computer and setting the voltages for the pacemaker.  It was super super awesome!  Rolling on the floor laughing

After, having a blast at the hospital I got to meet up with the Runner’s Group (RG) to join their half marathon training group.  I was late (I got lost) but I made it in time to get a training plan, fill out registration forms and order a t-shirt.  After the orientation we assembled and ran a 5k together.  Well, they ran a 5K.  My stomach revolted on me at about the 3/4 mile marker so I turned around and only did 2 miles total.  I don’t know what did it but my stomach started burning and I got really nauseous.  I hadn’t eaten anything since my 11 AM lunch (the run was at 8) so maybe that was it?  Either way, I was bummed at my poor performance so I treated myself to some frozen yogurt.


San Antonio Chill Out’s: cake batter, tart, almond flavored yogurt topped with almonds, blueberries and pineapple  Delicious!

Today, I had training on the brain and soon found myself jotting down a lot of notes


I found myself comparing my training plan from last year to the one the RG gave me yesterday and didn’t like the differences.  Their plan has me running 5x a week with only one crosstraining day and a rest day.   Here are the two bumped up to each other

Training Comparison

I think my plan was more well rounded but think maybe I could benefit from more running as long as I’m smart about it.  I really really don’t like the idea of doing a middle distance run followed by the long run and then 4 more days of training before a rest day. So basically I made a list of the things I want to incorporate into training

Training Wants:

  • Few consecutive running days
  • Hills
  • Speed work
  • Swim/Bike
  • Easy run
  • Middle distance run
  • Long run
  • Core work (abs, hips, back)
  • Strength training

and then did my best to combine the two plans and include as much of the wants as possible.  Keep in mind that speed work can be plyos, hill work, strength training and/or sprints.  The training group is planning their own speed work so I’m giving them a try first.  Here’s a loose idea of what I came up with. 

RnR HM rough draft

Overall, I feel this is a really good beginner plan that still has me meeting the RG at all three of their workouts.  T

The last two times I made it to half marathon distance I did it in 8-9 weeks.  Their plan has me doing it in 16.  I haven’t finished my new plan yet but I want to follow the above format for the first 8 weeks and then drop the active rest on Tuesday and add another run.  Also, I want to incorporate a week of low mileage smack dab in the middle of the plan just so I can get some extra rest.  The low mileage week could also serve as a transition to the dropped active rest day. 

Anywho, that’s what I’m considering right now.  I’ll show you guys as soon as I get the plan written out. 

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Scrubs, Surgeries, and Half Marathon Training

  1. I like a plan that has 3 or 4 days of running. More than that and I risk getting burned out or overwhelmed. Looks like you are in the process of making a great training plan!*

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