Fire Ants and Cake

Happy Saturday!  I hope ya’ll had a great week.  Thank you for all of the birthday wishes.  This year was a perfectly low key birthday spent with my roomie.  She surprised me with a giant gluten free chocolate bomb of a cake topped with mini plums?  They look like cherries to me but the centers were pale yellow and they tasted like grapes to me. 


The hubs also sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers


The rest of the night was spent watching True Blood (I’ve never watched the show before) while enjoying wine and cake.  It was also spent icing my hand which decided to swell up like a balloon.



I know.  It’s not pretty.  The roomie did tell me to go to the ER instead of hang out but I didn’t want to go for what looked like a couple of bug bites.  I could see someone saying to me, “Really?  A couple of bug bites?  Get out of here.”  Which of course would never happen but I’m ridiculous sometimes.  Anywho, I figured if it got worse it’d be fine since I work in a hospital now right?  So I ended up in the urgent care clinic with hand even more swollen than above the next morning. 

The verdict was fire ant bites.  The only thing I can think of (since I didn’t feel the actual bites occur) is that they got me when I was doing pushups in the grass with the runner’s group on Monday.  Will be bringing towel next Monday!  Anyway, I was prescribed a topical ointment for the itch and two antibiotics.  So, with the exception of some sores where bites were lanced, my hand is back to normal today. 

I didn’t work out Wednesday – Friday which was a combination of pathetic excuses like

My hand hurts

Those antibiotics have jacked up my stomach, ick!

Ooo look, chocolate cake!

Chocolate cake goes well with a side of couch and inappropriate tv shows right?

How did it get to be 10 PM already?

Super pathetic right?  Ah well, I’m off now for a super busy day of

  • Rock climbing
  • 1000m swim
  • Picking In-laws up from airport
  • Family BBQ
  • Trip to Austin, TX!  <—Super excited!

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

Stay away from the FIRE ANTS!!!


3 thoughts on “Fire Ants and Cake

  1. Oh! Ants hurt! I can’t believe your hand blew up like that. Are you allergic?

    The cake and flowers look wonderful! Have a safe trip to Austin. It is such a fun town with great eats!*

  2. Tell your roomie the cake looks amazing! Glad you had a nice birthday. And sorry about the ant bites… they look miserable. 😦

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