Fitness Updates

Good day to you!  Hope you all had a great weekend Sun Mine was again, uneventful but still a pleasant one.  I finally finished putting my room together, went for a swim and got back into my blogging/cooking groove.  The roomie thinks it’s hilarious that I take pictures while I cook just in case I want to write a post about it later.  She snapped this while I was making some risotto a few days ago.

veggie pics

The asparagus was really working it that night

Anywho, this should be my final update post for a long time.  I feel a little bad that the majority of my last several posts have all been in the past tense.  However, things have calmed down a lot with the moving, changing bases, and not needing to spend every night cramming for another quiz or test.  It’s nice to have so much more free time to say the least.  Which also means I have a lot more time to focus on fitness now. 

I signed up for a fitness challenge last month but then I messed up and didn’t participate.  Oops.  It was an accident. The Tone it Up challenge was being hosted by Beth and Teal from Life is a Run and consisted of performing push ups and planks every single day. I think I did two days and then forgot about it.  I can’t participate in the challenge anymore since it took place all of last month but I am going to do it for this month.  I started on July 2 and so far have done pushups and planks every day but yesterday.

I’m also still hanging out with the running group and I’ve recently decided to start going back to the dreaded gym for swimming and rock climbing.  So with all of that in mind, this is what I want my routine to look like for now

  • Sunday – Bike ride or Rest
  • Monday – Running Group
  • Tuesday – Core workout
  • Wednesday – Running Group
  • Thursday – Core workout
  • Friday – Solo run
  • Saturday – Swimming/Rock climbing  <—my fun fitness day!

That looks like a lot at first but it’s really not that bad.  I actually followed this all last week.  The core days mean rest for my legs and arms while swimming and biking are low impact but high endurance.  Also, I’m not planning on doing any runs longer than 3 miles since I have my Air Force physical training test next month.  I have to get my basic fitness components back up but after that I have another goal in mind  Be right back 

It looks like San Antonio has a Rock n Roll marathon coming through in November and I want to work towards the half.  I haven’t signed up for it yet but it’s most definitely in my sights. 

Anyway, I just thought I’d share where I’m at now. 

Have a great day!


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