Some Final Updates: The Puppy Edition


Hey there!  How was your fourth?  Hopefully you all got to hang out with friends and family while enjoying some amazing BBQ.  Mine sounds depressing but it wasn’t.  I just chilled in the apartment since my in-laws are on vacation, the hubs went back home on Sunday and the pups are back with him.  Like I said, that sounds depressing but I kept myself busy with a new to me show.



My now roommate introduced me to this one along with Once Upon a Time and if you remember, the second consumed several days while I tried to catch up.  I did the exact same thing with this show.  It was fantastic and the finale blew me away.  I can’t wait until the next season.  In the meantime, the roomie is not allowed to introduce me to anymore TV  I don't know smile

Anywho, I haven’t talked much about the pups in a while so I thought I would give ya’ll a few updates on them, especially Mocha.


She’s been doing really well for the most part. (If you’re new, she has Stage V lymphoma) I don’t know if I mentioned it but we decided against chemo for her.  The vet wanted $4500 for 3 months of treatments and while that wasn’t the biggest deterrent, it was a huge one.  The other factors we took into account were that Mocha is almost 9, and there were only three ways she could react to the treatments.  She could either get better, not change or react very badly to them.  $4500 for 2/3 bad outcomes to only get her another year (best outcome) just isn’t worth it for anyone.  Instead we put her on steroids.  They’re making her hungry and thirsty so she’s eating normally now, they also have her acting a lot closer to her normal.  Everyone who sees her says she seems really happy so I hope that she actually feels alright.  The only thing that’s changed is that she sleeps a lot now.


in really weird positions too


We did have a couple of hiccups with her digestion but it turns out that the steroids were killing off good bacteria and helping bad bacteria grow in her stomach.  After some probiotic therapy and another change in diet, she’s back to her new normal. 


Which incidentally still involves wrestling with her boys Smile

Whiskey on the other hand is still as goofy as ever.  He’s fallen completely in love with my new roommate too. 


He’s really intense when he looks at you and he’s been caught on more than one occasion just staring at my roomie. 

whiskey staring contest

The most adorable creeper ever

I’ve also caught him being pathetic and sleeping at her door waiting for her.

waiting whiskey

Speaking of sleeping, if you missed it, I caught him sleeping in a ridiculous fashion last week too. 


He’s such a nut job.

Anyway, while I’m going to miss their silly puppy faces and wiggily bodies here, the pups are doing great and are happy to be back home in Arizona.  Hope you have a great Saturday afternoon!


4 thoughts on “Some Final Updates: The Puppy Edition

  1. Oh my gosh – he IS the most adorable creeper ever! And it must warm your heart to see Mocha wrestling & playing again… yaaaaayy!!! I just finished the book Marley & Me, so seeing these adorable pics only makes me smile all the more. Puppies just make life better. 😀

    • He really is a funny boy 🙂 And it does make me so happy to see Mocha having fun and being sassy. I haven’t read Marley and Me but I really liked the movie. It WAS a tearjerker for sure though

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