Some Final Updates

Well hey there folks!  How are you?  I’m doing so much better now that there’s time to breathe again.  I’m so excited for this next chapter of my career to begin, to get back to the running group and to get back to blogging, eating/photographing my weird food, talking about important stuff and just life in general! First though, I’ve gotta get ya’ll up to speed with things right?  Flirt male

Tech School

I have NEVER been so happy to leave graduate somewhere SO much.  As I said before, I disappeared for a while so I could concentrate on doing well in school and then I just needed some decompression time.  I must be getting old because I couldn’t relate to some of these new airmen at all.  All complaints aside though, we really did have some good times.  Since I was the designated class photographer, I have a ton of photos to prove it too. Like this one here


This, my friends, was OUR Senior class prank.  It was glorious.  I’ll show you the rest of it later though.

Serious class

Phase I Graduation Photo

So after the bad test night, I disappeared to pull my grades back up.  Well, all of it was worth it. I scored exactly, on the dot, couldn’t miss another question, what I needed to pull off the Dean’s List.

DL cert

and it felt awesome!  I’ve never done so well in school.  Punk

DL Eldridge

and now I’m half-way graduated

The Move

As soon as I arrived in Tucson I headed straight to Trader Joe’s.  I got my usuals but these were the super fun additions


  • Cocoa Almond Butter <—AHMAZING, it tastes like chocolate frosting!
  • Cinnamon Sugar Grinder
  • Sugar Chocolate Coffee Bean Grinder
  • Chocolates (of course!)

Oops, how’d that tear get into that chocolate bar???

San Antonio doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s so obviously that was the most important part of my move right?  I hear a rumor that one will be built October 19th (not that I’m counting the days or anything).

Anywho, back to that move.  I had a ton of fun going through my old stuff and the quest to streamline the stuff from my childhood continues.  It took a few days of balancing Outprocessing appointments, packing things up, Vet/car appointments and seeing friends but I finally got those boxes packed


and in the truck


Myself and the dogs took the Escape while my father-in-law drove the truck.  We got it a whole 70 miles before it completely overheated just 7 miles past the New Mexico border.  We were super fortunate that just a couple miles farther were two gas stations.


It turns out that there was a busted hose that was leaking the coolant everywhere.  Budget did get a mechanic to us and he replaced the hose.  (We only had to wait at the gas station a little over 5 hrs.)  Ugh, that day we only made it a little over 150 miles but the next day flew by.  So, I guess it wasn’t that bad, just a little more than inconvenient. 

In the interest of keeping this from being a novel, I’ll give you the rest of the updates tomorrow Smile (including puppy updates!) I’m off to meet the running group for a track workout, talk to ya’ll later!

Do you have anything from your childhood that you just can’t seem to get rid of?

Have a great night!


5 thoughts on “Some Final Updates

  1. I hope everything is going smoothly for you! I’m in a rut but I hope to pass it after this week. I went to this Organic Grocers and it reminded me of you! It had everything you ever talked about and then some. I like buying mostly the fruits and vegetables but I’ll stick to getting meat from H.E.B. Hella expensive and junk… I’m glad you’re certified to make everyone feel good. Hope you’ll have a better experience at this job! I know I want to get out of mine. Don’t be a stranger! I miss you tons. 😦

    • Ahh I miss you a ton too chica! Come visit again soon 🙂 Then I can take you to the farmers market here that I found last weekend.

      I’m glad you’re trying to eat well because it’s so important! I know you’ll come out of that rut soon too. Everyone falls in them, I’m clawing my way out as I write this 🙂

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