Bad Test Night = Italian Everything

Sooooo, yeah, today’s test did NOT go well at all.  I guess it was bound to happen.  I couldn’t keep up my streak of A-s and decided to switch things up with a C.  My friend Shana didn’t get her customary A+s and instead decided to get a B.  I’m mostly blaming myself for not studying one section well enough.  I’m totally NOT blaming my instructor.  Since we’re both very unhappy about this turn of events we BOTH decided to have an Italian night.  She is making sauce from scratch


to put into


gluten-free lasagna


meanwhile we are having some wine and watching my all time favorite movie of Under the Tuscan Sun.  Along with the lasagna, I contributed some gluten-free brownies.IMG_5006

I hope you all have a fantastic night as well!


6 thoughts on “Bad Test Night = Italian Everything

  1. Boo for a crummy test. You’re right though; not every test will be an A. You’re an all-star, though. The next test will be better. Italian night sounds like the perfect remedy!*

  2. Yum lasagna! 🙂 I love Italian food. What noodles did you use? I tried some brown rice noodles and they just turned to mush 😦

    Sorry about your test! I hope everything else is going well!

    • No worries about the test 🙂 We did end up usng brown rice noodles that were pretty good. The just bake kind However, we did brown rice noodles for alfredo the previous week and those noodles were terrible. They cooked really unevenly. Some were hard and some were gummy. It was just terrible. 😀

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