Sucked In, A Better Commute and 100 Push Ups

Hey hey!  How are ya’ll?  I hope you had a fantastic Easter and if you didn’t celebrate I hope you had a great weekend none the less.  Bunny  I managed to cram A LOT into my weekend even though on Friday I didn’t do anything except glue myself to my bed to watch Once Upon A Time.


Shana and Jamie (classmates, in case you’re new) had me watch two episodes on Hulu during our lunch break and I got HOOKED big time.  Grimm’s Fairy Tales was one of my favorite books growing up.  I had it checked out of my library all of the time.  So obviously I had to finish all 18 episodes of the show by Friday night.  This is exactly why I don’t have cable at home.  I love this show so far though.  I feel like all of the characters are written into the show so plausibly and every single character is played amazingly.  I have to say though, that Rumplestiltskin is quickly becoming my favorite character.

Another notable from the weekend was the 15 mile ride I mentioned in my novel on Saturday morning.  It was beautiful!  The sun was shining, the spring flowers were out and San Antonio has a lot of trail to explore.




I snagged this next picture just because it looked like a tree that was raising an arm up to the heavens and calling out.  (I apparently have been watching WAY too much Once Upon A Time)  However, when I posted this picture on my facebook, my Dad captioned it with “The Ents are the move!”  Anyone who’s read/watched The Lord of the Rings knows exactly what he’s talking about. 






I finished my Saturday ride in


Not speedy by any means but this was most definitely a leisure ride and it felt great.  My commute to and from work today also went WAY better than last week’s. Instead of making that one left turn where I got honked at, I rode to the crosswalk and waited on the light.  This worked much better and kept me away from the cars.  Also, I was able to get straight from post to the trail and didn’t have to get into any of the afternoon traffic.  When I got home, my watch read this for the round trip.


It was stress free, I got some exercise, saved my gas and it didn’t take much longer than sitting in stop and go traffic both ways.  I’d have to say this commuting by bike is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a really long time.    Speaking of getting more exercise in, the 100 push up program is back in my life. Any longtime readers (I’m looking at you Amy) will remember how much I love this program and so I’m excited to bring it back.  This time with company too.  I didn’t get a chance to finish the program with Brandi but we both still met our goals of increasing our upper body strength and getting tank top worthy arms.  I’ve since let most of it go and want it back, so I convinced Jamie and Shana to do the program with me.  We’re all starting on the easy program and when that one’s finished (hopefully) we’re planning on moving to the medium program.  My goal this time is to get to doing 50 consecutive pushups.  The last time I did this program I finished it with 36 consecutive pushups.  

Anyway, today’s workout totals are:

  • 11 mile bike ride (with HILLS)
  • 34 pushups

If you’re new, you can visit my fitness tab (<–I need to update that thing!) and see my previous pushup posts and videos. 

Hope you all have a good night!


One thought on “Sucked In, A Better Commute and 100 Push Ups

  1. That tree does look like an Ent! I’m glad you got your commute sorted out. I think it’s really cool that you’re biking there and back.

    I do remember you doing the 100 push-up program! Go for it!*

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