Vikings and Bicycle Safety

Hey there! How was your weekend?  Hopefully it was great cause mine was.  I hope ya’ll are the ones doing the pranking out there instead of being the pranked.  So far a couple of bloggers thought they’d be clever with fake engagements, regression from veganism, and pregnancy.  I haven’t fallen for any of it yet BUT there’s still time in the day.  Right now I’m just trying to figure out if something the hubby said earlier is a prank because if it’s not, he’s in the dog house . . . for a long time.  No, no I’m not spilling the beans cause it’s not the end of the world.  Just regular ole marital disputes Who me?

Anywho, yesterday Jamie (a classmate), her family and I went to a Celtic festival yesterday.  It was a bunch of booths set up with crafts, swords, Clans looking to share their histories and find any long lost relatives, and Celtic games.  For the games there were these big burly men and women showing off their brute strength.  There was some intense phone pole carrying, hay baling and weight throwing.  There was also an EPIC (it really wasn’t) Viking showdown. 


Preparing for battle


they all died , . .

What they all lacked in valiance they more than made up for in entertainment value.  There were terrible accents, slow fights and completely ridiculous death scenes.  Other highlights from the festival include fresh kettle corn, cinnamon roasted almonds & pecans and a cold Guinness.  All in all, it was a lot of fun.

Today however, I got a project done that I spent all of last week stewing over.  You see, my gas mileage has been dwindling ever since I got to San Antonio and I realized that it’s because my drive to and from school is only 4-5 miles, hilly and very stop-and-go type traffic.  Add my trips to the gym and my MPG have gone from a not so stellar 22 all the way down to a 15.8.  NOT COOL!  Especially when filling up the tank half way cost me $35 today.  That’s JUST half the tank!  Sooo it dawned on me that my commute to school is only 5 miles and I can totally do that on my bike.  The bike I just so happened to bring with me from home. 


It’s my first time commuting anywhere on a bike so I had to get all of my safety gear this weekend and finish replacing my mountain tires with my road ones. 


See Mom and Dad, I got my safety lights installed AND they strobe. 


I’ve also got a super cool orange vest and helmet to wear along with all of the reflective stuff already on my bike.


After the bike was all set up I took her for a test drive and scoped out the first half of the roads I plan on taking to work.  While I was out I spotted a REAL cyclist off the road and saw he was on a paved path.  I back tracked and discovered a greenway just for runners, walkers and cyclists. Score!  Rolling on the floor laughing  I followed the trail for a couple of miles and saw what looked like a grave marker but was actually a battlefield marker erected in 1936. 



Those were the only two pictures I took.  It turned out to be kind of annoying pulling my phone out from the little bag under my seat repeatedly. 

Anyway, the trail was awesome.  There was a lot of great scenery, it was clean and it connects to a ton of greenways connection North San Antonio and South San Antonio.  It’s too bad it won’t take me where I need to go though.  When all was said and done, I’d tackled 7.5 miles and wasn’t even close to tired.  That’s super encouraging because commuting on bike 4 days a week is going to get me about 40 miles.  Of course I’m going to start out slow and just try it out this week on Tuesday and Thursday.  I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.  Hope you have a good night!

Ever commuted on bike?  Any tips for a noobie like me? 

I’m a little nervous about left hand turns


I’m not an Ambi-turner!


2 thoughts on “Vikings and Bicycle Safety

  1. Love the Zoolander reference! It’s one of my all time favorite movies!

    The festival looks cool in that lame =cool kind of way. I’m not much of a bike rider, but it looks like you’ve got it all figured out. Commuting that way will save you money and sanity.*

    • The festival was totally lame and cool at the same time 😀

      Zoolander is my favorite comedy EVER. It’s up there with Sideways and Out Cold. I’m hoping that the biking will save me about $200/mo. That would be GREAT.

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