How ITBS Has Adjusted My Attitude as a Runner

Hey all!  Hope your week is going well because mine sure is . . . despite the thunderstorms that kept me up all of last night.  I think the past three years got me a little too used to this kind of weather


because I could not for the life of me sleep during that racket last night!  I actually kind of miss Arizona.

and these knuckleheads too


Anywho, I’m sorry ahead of time if this post doesn’t flow very well today.  My school day is from 0745-1700 and I get home around 1730 after dealing with traffic for a whopping 5 miles.  (Curse you San Antonio traffic!  Why does it take me 30 minutes to go 5 miles???)  After dealing with immature airmen, school, and traffic, I just really feel like I need a nap in order to just finish my day.  How do you parents do it???

Oh gosh, see how much I just digressed?  Shifty

Actually, want a moment of truth?  I started doing the head nod dance after typing “digressed?” and decided to take a 20 minute nap.  I set my timer for 23 minutes (to give myself 3 minutes to fall asleep first Open-mouthed smile)  but at minute 2 the trainer called me.  Can I just say that interrupting my nap is SO not winning this guy any points?  And no I don’t care that he didn’t know I was trying to sleep.  He wanted to see if I decided I do in fact need him in my life so he can build my muscles in exchange for my first born child and kidney.  I informed him that I was content with trying to do my own thing and soon the awkward conversation ended.  <phew>  I probably won’t hear back from him again. 

Doing my own thing has actually been going pretty well so far.  I went to yoga twice last week, rock climbed twice and used the elliptical once. At the end of the week my hips and left leg were super sore and tight though so I got myself a hot stone massage.  What a hard life I have right?  That massage was a FANTASTIC decision.  The therapist let me know that the reason my leg keeps hurting me despite my stretching and rolling is because I haven’t addressed the connective tissue at my knee and hip bone.  So she made sure to rub them out really good with a hot stone.  It hurt let me tell you but now I have hardly any tightness in my hips and leg.  

So my plan is to keep doing yoga and climbing since both are such great strength trainers.  I also want to keep using the elliptical since it’s easy on the joints but I’m going to do one day of treadmill/trail running a week for these next couple of weeks.  Soon, I want to start lifting weights but only doing one total body workout a week since I’m doing yoga and climbing.

I’m really really trying to work myself up to running this time.  I know that “once a runner always a runner” is really ingrained into people who call themselves runners.  It’s not true though.  At least not for me.  I identify myself as a runner because it’s what I love to do but just because I used to be able to run 6 miles a day just fine doesn’t mean that I can take months off and then run a 5k without hurting myself.  I’d have to say that that’s the hardest lesson I’ve learned from all of these stupid ITBS flare ups. 

. . . . and with that said, I’m off to go get my climb on. 


Have a great night all!


4 thoughts on “How ITBS Has Adjusted My Attitude as a Runner

  1. Crazy trainer interrupting your nap!

    I do not retain my speed or stamina when I’m not running consistently. It always feels like square one after a hiatus. You are super smart to mix up your workouts! You’re going to be a stronger runner and more well rounded overall,*

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