Wall-to-Wall Counseling and Yoga

Hey all!  Hope you had a fantastic week.  Are you off being/pretending to be Irish?  I’m not Irish, I’m Puerto-Wegian (Puerto Rican/Norwegian) but I feel I’m Irish by association since the hubs is half and has the red hair to prove it.

aaron guinness

After he just poured his “perfect pint” at St James Gate Brewery, Dublin

So I’ll be celebrating on the San Antonio Riverwalk today, which rumor has it that the river is dyed green for the day.  Meanwhile, I thought I would share some highlights from the week. 

Tech School

I started tech school last week and have had A LOT to get used to. 

First off, this base isn’t a base at all.  It’s an Army Post and I’ve never worked on one before.  Another big difference is that this post is a joint service one and so I’ve been running into Army, Navy, Marines, and allied forces from overseas ALONG with all of the Air Force personnel too.  I just have to add that this has been a tad stressful in that I don’t want to get yelled at by anyone for not saluting an officer.  ALL OF THE UNIFORMS ARE DIFFERENT! 

The second thing to get used to is that since it’s a training post, every single person I outrank has been greeting me as I pass them by.  I have never heard so many, “Good ____ Sergeant!”  It’s kind of awesome and kind of off putting at the same time.

The third thing is one that I absolutely refuse to get used to.  Disrespect to NCOs (non-commissioned officers).  I didn’t think I would have to deal with this one at a training base but the brand new airmen in my class have been out of basic training for all of two weeks and seem to have forgotten everything they learned.  I’m one of three NCOs in my class and all of us have either witnessed or received:  talking back, muttering under breath, and rolling eyes.  One actually said to a Tech Sergeant (E-6), “You’re in training same as me, I don’t have to listen to you!” 

Disappointed smile      Oh really???    Steaming mad   

I promptly grabbed the airman by the shirt and tossed them into a wall . . . .

Ok ok, I didn’t really do that.  Wall-to-wall counseling isn’t exactly encouraged in the military anymore, unless you’re a Navy seal or going through survival training.  The offending airmen were dealt with and that’s all I’m saying Shifty

PHEW . . . rant over.  Sorry, but I just hate being the bad guy.  I don’t think they understand that I just want to get through school.  I don’t want to be known as that mean NCO that they had to share class with. 

Anywho, the actual schooling portion has been going great.  formulas

We’ve been going over physics equations that I haven’t seen since 2003.  They all came back pretty easy though so that was lucky.  This week we started arterial blood gases, metabolism and pH balances.  I’m actually having a lot of fun learning!  The human body is SO interesting.

Fitness and Injury Recovery

Fitness started gearing up this week too.  I went to two yoga classes, ran on the elliptical and rock climbed.  I’m sore but I’m glad I’m not doing any hard running yet.  I can feel a ton of tightness in my left leg and it’s running from my knee all the way up my hip and glute.  I’m really really hoping that the yoga will help me stretch it all out and get my body back into balance. 

I’m also still trying to figure out how I’m going to incorporate all of the different things I want to do and still get through a 10K running plan.  I’m loving climbing again and want to do that and yoga at least twice each a week.  I want to start strength training with weights but I know that yoga IS strength and flexibility so maybe that will only be once a week.  Then I have to figure out how to work all of that around running 3-4x a week.  I’m starting slow though!  I’m trying very hard to not do the Sylvia thing and pile too much on at once thus resulting in burn-out or injury.  I’m going to climb again tomorrow and afterwards I have a hot-stone massage scheduled! 

Don’t forget to hydrate, take a vitamin with lunch, and have fun tonight!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Wall-to-Wall Counseling and Yoga

  1. It’s too bad that you can’t knock some sense into those noobs! It might do them some good. Even I know that’s not cool. I hope that otherwise school is going well and that San Antonio is treating you right!*

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