Doing Things My Own Way and My Introduction to Yoga

Hey all! I hope you had a pretty decent Monday and that you weren’t late to work due to the time change.  If you were, that’s ok since you were prob one of the only ones at work NOT yawning Be right back

Anyway, I want to first start by saying THANKS to those of you who offered input on the whole Trainer Debacle.  I was pretty frustrated yesterday but today I feel completely at ease, motivated and ready to tackle my fitness again.  I also feel like a sore noodle but I’ll get to that later.  Today I went to the gym to meet that trainer for a team training class.  It’s basically personal training but for a very small group of people.  When I walked in the door I decided I didn’t want to try it and walked right up to customer service to cancel.  Reasons I canceled?

  • Still a little peeved about the “fitness assessment
  • I joined a gym with a ton of facilities because I wanted variety
  • I don’t want to be locked into another rigid program that doesn’t leave time for fun exercise or crosstraining like rock climbing  <—I’m so stoked about the rock wall!


So I canceled it and felt so RELIEVED afterwards.  Earlier, on the way to the gym, I decided that I know me better than any trainer who would really just like to know my wallet.  Also, I think I was doing a pretty great job last year training for my marathon but I also acknowledge some big mistakes I made during training. 

  • My plan was too rigid.  I had every run planned right up to each race and it left no wiggle room for time off, recovery, and rest in case of injury.  This resulted in my first Did Not Start for a half and for my first Full marathon.
  • I didn’t vary my crosstraining much nor was I consistent with it.  I treated crosstraining days like active rest days and often times just skipped out on the workout altogether.
  • I almost NEVER stretched and this is, I think, the biggest reason I developed ITBS.  I didn’t get a foam roller until it was too late and I didn’t even use it properly when I did. 

Obviously I had a lot of time in traffic to think about this.  So after canceling the personal training I promptly headed over to the board to see what classes were available today and saw Slow Flow yoga.  What better way to get a good stretch and workout in than by yoga?  


Yikes!  [source]

This was my first class ever and while I’ve read a ton about yoga and read about the experiences of bloggers who take yoga . . . I still felt so clueless!  That’s ok though.  I’ll write more about this later (I’m busting at the seams with material right now!)  but I just tried to let go of any harsh thoughts of:

  • I’m not flexible so I’m going to suck at this class
  • Look at all of the mirrors! Everyone will see how terrible I am!
  • Does this shirt make me look fat? No it just shows how out of shape I am
  • I hope I don’t annoy anyone with how new I am

It worked and the instructor even said she couldn’t tell this was my first class and that I did well!  She could be just being nice but either way it felt good to hear.  And I feel awesome afterwards.  I knew that yoga was challenging but I didn’t expect it to be THAT challenging.    I also knew my hips were tight but hadn’t actually felt them work against me until I tried certain poses in this class.  When class was finished I was sweaty, shaking and blissfully stretched out.  (My butt also BURNED from holding certain poses.  OMBB indeed!)

I loved the class and have decided that Yoga is most certainly something I plan on adding to my workout rotation. 

Do you trust yourself enough to work out or do you consult a trainer or plan? 
Ever tried yoga?  What’s your favorite thing about it?  Do you have a favorite pose?

Have a good night all!


4 thoughts on “Doing Things My Own Way and My Introduction to Yoga

  1. I think I pulled my IT Band. I’m guessing a foam roller is a cushioned version of what they showed me how to stretch it real good, they had my use a large piece of PVC pipe. It was about 3 feet long and 3-4 inches in diameter. I’m thinking about buying some for home use except i’m going to probably buy a cheap yoga mat to wrap around and staple to for a little padding.

    • Oops! Sorry I didn’t answer this one right away! Yes a foam roller is a cushioned version of what they had you use and it is MAGIC. Make sure you read up on how to properly foam roll though because it’s not just rolling your muscle over a hard, round object. Matt’s version of a foam roller was pretty good. I like mine since it’s really dense foam, it’s firm but doesn’t hurt too too bad.

      For your IT pain, don’t forget ice massage, hot/cold therapy, stretching and rolling. Good luck!

  2. I’ve never done yoga either. I used to think that it was super lame, but the more I run, the more I think I’d probably benefit from some deep stretches. I’m glad you’re liking it!

    As for making my own training plan, you betcha I do! I don’t make it up out of thin air, but I feel like I can do a little research and use what has worked before to figure out what I need. If I had a specific goal (lose weight, lift x amount of weight, etc) then I would probably need a trainer.*

    • It’s true. I do a ton of research for my plans too but sometimes I feel like I need some direction with weight training. Right now I’m trying to find the perfect “injury prevention” plan instead of “try to survive 16 wks of running” plan.

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