It’s Official

I received a lot of news this week:

  • I’m a very, very sad Indianapolis Colts fan today.

Peyton [source]

  • My Doc called yesterday to tell me she got back some test results from an appointment I had a little while ago.  Apparently I do not just have a gluten intolerance.  I actually have full blown Celiac.  I guess it’s a good thing I decided to go gluten-free on my own.  (Always get a Doctor’s opinion and never just go off of self diagnosis)
  • I started learning about my new job on Monday and I got some great news today during class.  At the end of this course I’ll be able to receive my second associates degree and will have national certifications in both respiratory therapy and cardiovascular care.  Rolling on the floor laughing
  • Because of my new job, I will never be able to get stationed in Korea again.  Yippeeee!
  • I have a super fantastic farmer’s tan from the past 2 days of training.  It’s so awesome that I can’t won’t show you so I’ll show you this guy’s

farmers tan


Mine’s even cooler bro . . . I was wearing work gloves past my wrist

That’s it for my news of this week.  Talk to ya’ll tomorrow.   Sleepy smile  zZZZZZ

Sleep Well!


One thought on “It’s Official

  1. That is olympic quality farmers tan right there! Hahaha! Sounds like good news on the job front. I’m sorry to hear about the Celiac thing, but on the upside, you are already a pro at avoiding gluten.*

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