Highlights from Indiana

Hey all!  Long time, no type huh?  So sorry, that baby takes up a lot more time than I thought he would but it’s totally ok


I don’t mind ignoring my blog for that cute face.  I’m not a biased Aunt at all  Be right back

Soo, I’m on my way back to Tucson just a couple of days early.  The hubs decided it was a really good time to get appendicitis so I’m getting back just in time to baby him after his surgery.  I told him that he ate so badly without me to cook for him that his appendix revolted just to get me back home.  He thought that was hilaaaarious.  I wonder how he’ll do when I leave for San Antonio for tech school.  That’s only one week now!

Anywho, so since I’m on my way back home I thought I would give a few highlights from my visit to Indy.  Aside from listening to speeches about why nap time is so not necessary


I was able to get in a little bit of shopping, play with the Rock-Face (Rocco)


and visit Monument Circle in Indianapolis with my Dad and Sister 

Warning: Lots of pictures ahead



Indianapolis Arts Garden



A Hot Chocolate La Salle (mint hot chocolate) Delish!


Veterans’ Monument –all four sides are different wars




I called this the Ghost Busters building but I really have no idea what it is.  It just reminded me of the building they were on with the Marshmallow man.  All it’s missing are some gargoyles.


Capitol Building



Lucas Oil Stadium – Home of the COLTS

At this point in our walking tour, we were WAY hungry.  After some debates over whether we would hunt down a vegan restaraunt with gluten free food, we decided on Rock Bottom Brewery.  What made me laugh was that I didn’t want to go to a chain but to a local restaurant and then we were seated under these


Oh you know, only pictures of the southwest . . . I should’ve known better with a name like Rock Bottom.  Ah well . . .

We ended up sharing a flight of samples.  My Dad got the darkest, my sister got the blonde and because I’m a boozer, I got the red and the pale. 


I finished my visit up at my nephew’s 1st birthday party


His mama threw a rock star themed party and it was adorable.  I did have to leave a bit early so I could make my flight but I’m glad I was able to be there in the first place. 

Anyway, I can’t wait to get back to the hubs and make sure he’s properly babied. 

See you all later and

Have a Great Night!


2 thoughts on “Highlights from Indiana

  1. Indianapolis looks like a pretty cool place! I’m glad you had a good visit with your family. (Could your nephew be anymore adorable?!)

    I hope your husband is ok. Appendicitis sounds like no fun at all. Safe travels!*

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