In Flight to Indy

Hey there! Hope your Sunday is going well. Mine started early at 0330 so I could make my 0600 flight.  Sheesh, I guess I could have picked a later flight but I’m so excited to get to Indy.  I haven’t been to my parents’ house in 15 months! 

I didn’t have much time for breakfast before I left so I had to forage at the airport.  My gate didn’t have a Starbucks which I had banked on for oatmeal.  I was pleasantly surprised though by a place called Ike’s.  Not only did they have oatmeal but their oatmeal had mixins!  I could choose between dried fruit, white chocolate/macadamia or chocolate/coconut/peanut butter.  This was a no brainer for me:


I also found this bar at the counter. 


Since I knew they would be offering only peanuts and pretzels on the plane, I figured I might as well snatch this guy up and hope it was good.  This gluten-free eating is so tough when out and about but I’m making it. 

Note:  I am aware that most oats have traces of gluten but since I’m not Celiac (just gluten sensitive) I’m not worried about it.  Thanks!

I’ve just landed in Denver and there is snow EVERYWHERE.  I can’t even see the Mts which I was so excited about since it’s my first time at a Colorado airport. 


I hope Kelsey and Ashley are having fun playing in the snow this weekend.  Open-mouthed smile

Anywho, I’ve got 2 hours to kill before my flight so I’m off to window shop, blog and read some of my new book.


I loved The Other Boleyn Girl (while I enjoyed the movie, as always the book is way better!)  so I’m interested to see the author’s take on Margaret Beaufort.  I’m very much into historical fiction and even more into English historical fiction since my trip to England in December. 

Have a Great Day!


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