Hey all! How’s your week going so far?  Did you enjoy your Valentine’s Day?  or do you not care about it at all?  That’s fine too.  I’d go as far as to say I feel rather meh about it and pretty much treat it like Chocolate Appreciation Day.  Though the hubs did surprise me with a bottle of bubbly Pinot Grigio which you know led to a wild and crazy Tuesday night.  Winking smile

Anywho,  remember how I said I was trying to get my morning workouts done?  Well that’s not going so well but I did get a decent workout done tonight!  I convinced the hubster to take myself and the dogs on a walk, which they were completely stoked about.


We walked them about 3/4 of a mile and then let them run around our park like crazy.   I used the walk to convince myself to go workout.  Although, honestly, I left work so irritated today that convincing myself was not that difficult.  I needed this workout bad and it felt good to finally dip my feet back into the fitness world. 

I did the strength work in our garage.  We’ve built ourselves up a little home gym.  It’s good for toning work and build up for me but for Aaron?  If he wants to start bulking up, he won’t be able to do it for long at home.  Here’s what I used today:


Nordic Trac dumbbells, adjustable from 5 to 50 lbs each



Our resistance cable machine.  I love this thing.  The cables are each 25, 35 & 45 lbs and can be combined up to a total of 105 or 210 lbs of resistance.  It’s got a pull up bar on top and the arm rests on the side for knee raises or dips.  Today, I put my bench under it for one of my exercises.

Workout of the Day:

  • 30 sec of sit ups on ball
  • 1 minute of walking lunges
  • 30 sec of lat pull downs, 70 lbs
  • 1 minute of step ups with 25 lbs ( I used the step stool in the background)
  • 30 sec of shoulder press, 20 lbs

I did 3 rounds of the five exercises and then did 30 sec each of clamshells and side leg raises.  Those last two were to help strengthen my hips and hopefully prevent a relapse of ITBS.


I felt a little like I had just opened a box of chocolates.  I kept wanting to try different exercises just to see how they felt so I’m glad I had a plan laid out and didn’t try to wing it.

After the mini strength routine, I headed out for my run.  The word for this run was most definitely:  RELAX.  Which made me laugh because that word always reminds me of Zoolander.



I really did have to keep reminding myself though since I kept hunching up my shoulders.  I could definitely tell that running is NOT easy anymore. Just gotta keep doing it though right?  Right!

As I’m writing this, my dog is proving my point from the other day.  Dogs truly are practice (minor) for when I have kids.  Look at this guy!


So attention starved!

Anywho, I managed 2 miles in 23:14.  My player seemed to know I needed to take it easy and gave me a relaxing playlist:

  • This Year’s Love – David Gray
  • Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira
  • Breathe – Michelle Branch
  • Back to December – Taylor Swift
  • Leave It Inside – Toby Lightman


I’m glad I got that done and hopefully the good feelings will keep me motivated to keep getting out there Smile  Hope your workouts are going well.

Have a great night!


2 thoughts on “RELAX

    • Hah! It really is such a weird movie but it’s seriously one of my favorite comedies ever and it’s one of the only movies I can pull quotes out of my head from. The other ones would be The Princess Bride and Labrynth 🙂

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