WIBW: Rushed in London

Hey all!  Happy Hump Day!  Hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far. I have only because it’s going super fast.  Today I’m actually spending my morning judging a local elementary school’s science fair.  I’m super excited since i remember my own so vividly.  My Dad and I had so much fun building projects like a complete to scale model of Mars or a big apple juice jug used to demonstrate evaporation and condensation.  Just kidding  Yeah we had a lot of fun together.

Anywho, today I’ve actually got a travel post together.  I know I went on my trip to England two months ago almost but I still have a ton of pictures left.  Since this post is so heavy on the visual side, it’s going to be light on the wordy side. 

It’s ok if you just sighed in relief. 

If you are a new reader and haven’t seen any of my Where I’ve Been Wednesday posts, you can start here or visit my Travels page and pick where you’d like to go. 

Today we’re headed to London.  I cannot wait until I get to come back here since I only got to see all of London in ONE. DAY.  Which is SO not enough time. There was too much to see and no time to go inside the museums and such.  I mean who goes to the Tower of London and doesn’t go inside to see anything.  Oh yeah, my family does.  It wasn’t all our fault though.  Everything was on winter/holiday hours and closed around 4ish which definitely put a damper on touring.  Ah well, in the great words of The Terminator,

I’ll be back.

Here are my favorite pictures from our very rushed tour of London:

The Eye of London




Lampost on Westminster Bridge with London Eye




Big Ben


Walking the streets we found cathedrals, red buses, plenty of statues and other things I didn’t really get the chance to figure out.  If you know what some of these places are, I would LOVE it if you left that in the comments.







During our tour we were able to stop at what I believe was a memorial park for Princess Diana.  There were a ton of birds, ducks, geese and opinionated squirrels.



These two had SERIOUS attitude







Drinking hot chocolate was a frequent activity for us.  The wind was out of control and my Arizona blood just couldn’t take the cold.  Buckingham Palace is behind me.

Hot Chocolate


The Palace Gate





Tower of London’s Moat complete with lions



Tower Bridge


Well, that’s finally it.  I hope you enjoyed what little I saw of London.  My head was spinning at all of the history, monuments and places that I’d read about for years.  Stops in pubs were thoroughly appreciated too.  Mug 

Anywho, I very much enjoyed my visit and seriously can’t wait to get back to see more. 

Have a great day!

Have you every been to London?  What was your favorite spot?


2 thoughts on “WIBW: Rushed in London

  1. Oh London! It’s definitely on my list of must-see places! I can’t believe you saw so much in one day. Some places, all the time in the world is not enough time.*

    • Nope not enough time at all but I’m pretty happy I could go in the first place honestly. I can’t wait to get back. When you get to Germany, you can fly Ryan Air for SUPER cheap to go see England. Make sure that passport is ready for all of the stamps you’re gonna get! 😀

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