Two Gluten-Free Restaurants and a Cheddar

Hey all!  Hope your weekend is going well so far.  Thanks for all of the good lucks and well wishes for the big test.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about how I did on it.  I felt like one test was super easy and the other one?  Well, I‘m on the fence.  A lot of the questions were about a system I’ve never had the opportunity to work on.  I guess I’ll find out in a couple of months though if it was good enough.  If not I can just test next year. 

Anywho,  I had the day off before the test so I thought I would go somewhere new to study.  I’m always more productive when I study outside my house.  Is anyone else the same in that respect?  I wanted to go to a café or bakery type atmosphere so I did my research the night before to see if I could find a gluten-free place.  It turns out that I found an entire website dedicated to gluten-free spots in Tucson.  On the website I found Gourmet Girls bakery and a pizza place that I just HAD to go check out immediately. The bakery was def a long ways from my house (almost 20 miles!).It was worth the drive though. 

bakery outside


bakery inside

Remember last weekend when I said breakfast out wasn’t that great?  Well The Good Egg didn’t have GF options and when Aaron had pancakes, I wanted pancakes so so bad but couldn’t have them. 


The pancakes at this bakery were SO good and they were still soft too.  I’ve had gluten free pancakes before and they were gritty but not these.  I asked what they were made with and was told Garfava flour.  Apparently that’s a mixture of garbanzo bean and fava bean flours. 


All enjoyed with a side of peppermint tea.

Of course since I was at a bakery I had to sample some of the goods (diet or no diet).  I really really wanted to try their flourless chocolate torte but since I’ve had one before I instead went with a mini choc-cheesecake and a choc-pb cupcake.


I got laughed at by an older couple when I took this with the fancy camera.

The cheesecake was good hence no picture. Smile  The cupcake was alright.  I didn’t care for the cake much but the frosting and pb fluff ball in the middle was delicious.


If you live in Tucson, I highly suggest checking out the bakery.  The service was great and you can tell that the girls really care about good food and quality ingredients.  That delicious meal was on Thursday.

The next delicious meal was on Friday.  I told you I wanted to go to Renee’s Organic Oven to try it out and boy was it great.  Here’s my broken date.  He looks thrilled doesn’t he? 


That’s just because our server made our picture awkward.  She unknowingly walked right up to us while I was snapping the picture.  This is exactly why I used my camera phone instead of the fancy camera.


Every table had a New Belgium beer glass with two fresh tulips in them.  Tulips are my favorite so I had to snap a terrible picture of ours. 


Followed by a terrible picture of the artwork at our booth.  I want a picture like this in my house.  I love the colors of the tree and it has words and quotes all over the trunk.  My two favorite quotes were:

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life ~Picasso

Chocolate.  It’s not just for breakfast.

Is it weird that when they asked if we wanted to move from our table to the booth, I was excited about the better lighting? 


Zucchini, Chicken, Sundried Tomato, Mozzarella, Ricotta pizza

Oh my goodness this was delicious! I ate the zucchini immediately since I expected it to be grated.  It just looked awkward to eat it like that on the pizza.  The crust was great too.  Again, I haven’t expected too much from gluten free goods in the texture category but this was soft and chewy like a pizza crust should be.  The server informed me that it was made from rice flower and potato.  That is a combo I haven’t heard of yet and will def be experimenting with. 

Anywho, long story short, both places were fantastic and I’m completely stoked to have restaurants that Aaron and I can both enjoy.  Now last but not least.  Yesterday Aaron and I went to the movies and Trader Joe’s.  If you’ve liked any of the Underworld movies go see the latest one.  I loved it!  It was fast paced and I just love Selene’s character.  She is a badass period.  However, that wasn’t the only highlight of the day.  Look at what I found at Trader Joe’s:


Oh yes.  It’s true and it’s delicious. 


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Go Giants!


4 thoughts on “Two Gluten-Free Restaurants and a Cheddar

  1. Chocolate cheddar cheese? Huh. I’ll have to wrap my head around that one.

    I love the tree painting! Very cool. I don’t eat gluten-free, but I’ve been impressed with how many GF restaurants/menu options have been popping up. I’m sure it’s nice to have that option!*

    • Me too chica! If we can go to a place with options for me it means a much better date for the both of us.

      I hope I get a chance to check out the food scene in Atlanta. You are always going to such incredible looking places 🙂

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