Weekend Random-ness

Hey all!  How was your weekend?  Mine was on the eventful side.  Aaron’s was on the painful side. 

Hubby clavacle

He’s really into grappling and UFC and so he’s been attending grappling sessions with some guys from work.  On Thursday night he called me from his gym to say, “I think I dislocated my shoulder.” Apparently, him and another dude got tangled up and both of them fell right on Aaron’s shoulder.   I laughed and lovingly called him a big dummy and asked him if he needed me to come get him.  He told me no but that he was driving himself to the emergency room.  Later, I got a text and he said it’s not dislocated, that he may need to be sedated and that I should come get him at the ER.  Now, I’m alarmed and feel bad for calling him a dummy.  When I got there he had a huge lump on his shoulder and showed me the x-ray.  It turns out his clavicle is separated at what’s called the AC joint and it’s going to take 6 weeks to heal up.  Oy!  Poor Hubs! 

Anywho, we had a lot of doctors to see on Friday, so that’s how we spent our day.  Saturday was super chill with studying, movies and bean burger making.  Sunday was more of the same only we went out for breakfast to The Good Egg.  It was a cute place but I honestly wasn’t too impressed with our food.  That surprised me a ton but maybe I just ordered the wrong thing?  We made up for it with some frozen yogurt. 

Tutti Frutti 2

Don’t worry, I’m holding strong to my diet changes.  Apparently frozen yogurt is much lower in sugar than ice cream, and I’ve been watching the sugar intake pretty well the last few days. This magic little bowl was actually my introduction to the frozen yogurt world and it was DELICIOUS!  Starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise:   Pomegranate yogurt, cookie dough bites, vanilla yogurt, mini choco chips, choco yogurt, kiwi, original yogurt, strawberries,

Tutti Frutti 1

Aaron helped me demolish this.  I usually hate sharing with Aaron because he eats dessert SO fast and I like to savor.  So then I’m left scrambling to get my few bites in before it’s all gone.  Who me?

I have no transition so on to the next part.  The next picture is the first four weeks of my running plan from Runner’s World smart coach.  I put in all the stats it asked for along with the goal of running a 10K by April 1.  It gave me the following easy peasy plan to follow. [Click to enlarge]10k plan wk 2-5

It turns out I suck at winging my work outs so I’m super happy to have a plan now.

Another thing I’m super happy about (<– how was that transition?) is this gluten-free & sugar-free quick back of Ashley’s.  If you’ve been reading long enough then you’ll remember my crazy bowl of cornbread oats.  That bowl was inspired by the following bake since I couldn’t get my hands on any corn flour.  The bake starts with a simple egg beaten with almond milk.


Followed by masa harina (corn flour), chia, raw buckwheat flour, raw buckwheat groats and a very new to me ingredient


this is the second time I’ve used coconut oil and it didn’t taste coconutty. Which is a bonus for me.


I topped it off with sunflower butter, kerry gold butter, and a bit of honey.  Granted it doesn’t look very pretty (Ashley is the photographer and I’m just a wannabe)


but it tasted delicious!  I’m excited to rotate this into my meals and it only takes 5 mins to make!


Anywho, that was a pretty big post of randomness so I’m off now.  I won’t be posting again until Friday since that’s test day.  I can’t wait to get it done and over with! 

I hope you have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Random-ness

  1. Good luck on your test! I didn’t realize that it was so soon. You seem to be studying a lot, so I’m sure you are well prepared!

    Your poor husband! That x-ray looks painful!*

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