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Hey all!  How’s your Hump Day going?  Mine is going pretty swell since I have a day off today.  Sometimes at work we get what’s called CTO (Comp Time Off) days.  These are usually given when we have to do a lot of extra work that’s not normal or when we do something really well.  Kids get suckers for being the best kid at school, we get days off. Open-mouthed smile

Anywho, I’m using my time off to get some chores done, get a run in, catch up on some blogging, and rework my Facebook page.  I don’t know if any of you noticed that the like box disappeared at the bottom of the page but it’s because I had to delete my entire Facebook profile.  Big bummer since that was 8+ yrs of photos, posts and such that had to leave ALONG with my blog page.  Ah well, new beginnings right?  So silly when all that drama is attached to a Facebook page.

So, today I’m finally sharing pictures from our stay at the White Stallion Ranch, which is located on the Northwest side of Tucson.  


Aaron won us the opportunity to stay 2 nights here for FREE while he was deployed last year.  We fell in love with the property as soon as we drove up.  It’s very serene and scenic here. 


When we checked in, we had to fill out some waivers (for horse safety)  Then we were given a big tour and welcome speech which finally ended at our room which fantastic.  It didn’t have a TV(not a big deal to us)  but there was WIFI, a fireplace in the living room, a hallway to the bedroom and bathroom.  The bathroom was complete with a huge vanity, a whirlpool tub and a rather ingenious bar of soap. I forgot to take a picture but it was a bar with the middle missing so you can just wrap it around your fingers.  Genius right?  Anywho, that was quite the tangent all to tell you that I forgot to take pictures of the inside because I was so excited about the outside.  Here’s the view from our patio:


And from the walkway to the dining area and clubhouse


We were laughed at by quite a few folks because it seemed like Aaron and I were always in the clubhouse drinking our beer (for him) and wine (for her) and playing chess.  Those chess games got QUITE competitive. 

The ranch tries very hard to keep up a southwestern, cowboy, ranch type feel for the visitors who at the time seemed like they were mostly from the east coast, Australia or England.  You were notified that meals were ready by a big bell that they rang at the clubhouse and everyone eats together in a small hall with community tables complete with a buffet line.  On Wednesdays, which was our second day there, they take everyone on a hayride up to picnic area for lunch.





The food was delicious. They had burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings to go along.  I had a veggie burger and it was outstanding. I’m not for sure it was homemade but it didn’t look like one of those processed ones that’s super small and compact. 

Here is the backend of the clubhouse/bar area.  We hung out at the fire pits chatting and waiting for dinner.


The next day we went on a slow mountain ride but there aren’t any pictures from it.  Aaron’s horse, Bullseye, was too busy snacking on the trail to let him take pictures of what was going on. My horse, Cholla, had the same problem but he was in front of the line and kept a close eye on the guide’s horse. 

We actually missed our second ride because we napped a little too long that afternoon.  Instead, we walked around the ranch and took lots of pictures. 



The ranch has a little petting zoo for the kids to enjoy.  When walking through, Aaron and I found this chicken with a rocking hairdo


and this goat’s awesome beard






I’m not sure if it’s because I’m short but the horses kept walking up to me at the fence


and sticking their heads through to sniff or nibble at my shirt


Anyway, we had a wonderful relaxing time here at the ranch.  They had a ton more to offer that we didn’t get around to but I’m pretty sure we plan on coming back sometime.  If you ever come visit Tucson, maybe you can take a couple days to check this place out.  


and if you do, be sure to let me know so I can tag along Open-mouthed smile


Have a great day folks!


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