I’ve Got a Dollar in My Pants

Hey all! Hope your weekend has treated you well.  I most definitely enjoyed mine.  We had a cookout at our house with my shop yesterday.  There were about 16 people and 2 babies over for crab legs, steaks and smoked pulled pork and of course all the trimmings to go along. It was a very delicious and fun evening for sure.

Anywho, I left off last time with the snowboarding portion of the “dual vacation” and then our stay at the White Stallion Ranch.  Unfortunately, I can’t find Aaron’s camera anywhere! (My point n shoot was dead!)  So no snowboarding pics (yet) but I do have a pic of the aftermath.  I only took one pretty “gnarly biff” aka “horrible fall” but I landed directly on my right hip bone!  Guess what happened to be between me and the ground?  Oh you know, only the dead camera in my pocket.  Here’s the result the next morning:


And two mornings after.  Aaron thought it would be a good idea to give a reference of a $1.


Then he thought it was an even better idea to put the dollar in my pajama pants 


What you can’t see is my look of annoyed amusement.  At least we know where his focus was

Men . . .

That’s all for now.  I’ll show you the pics from the ranch tomorrow.  They’re pretty awesome.


Have a great night!


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