The Friday Overshare

Hey all! Hope your week has gone well.  Mine has been busy, busy, busy.  Since I’m doing the three a week post thing and I try to do a travel post every Wednesday, I’m turning Friday into a recap type day.  Hence, The Friday Overshare.  This may or may not continue once I’m done studying and testing.  Anywho, here we go:

1.  I switched back to a dayshift schedule on Tuesday and since then have discovered that I am still terrible at naps.  Today, I got home early around 4ish but was absolutely beat so I figured, “JUST twenty minutes.”  I woke up after 6.  Thumbs down

2.  I got a present from Miss Heather, new reader and my former boss, in the form of raw honey samples:  Polly’s Little Farm Local Mesquite Honey and Really Raw Honey.


Thank you so much Heather! They’re delicous & the waxy stuff isn’t so scary now Open-mouthed smile

3.  I’m getting my run on with my running buddy again.  So far I’ve accomplished five miles this week. Today should tack on another 2-3 miles.  I am making sure to stretch the legs a ton and I start strength training next week.  Wouldn’t want the ITBS to stop me in my tracks again!


I also joined Daily Mile and am looking for friends.  If you’re a user, click my badge in the right side bar please!

4.  My troop (on the left) got promoted early! It’s very hard to earn this and I’m so proud!


Actually, both of these guys are my troops and they both got the early promotion. Coincidence? I think not . . .

5.  I think the above sentence may get me slapped upside the head by my Air Force buds

6.  I got my hairs cut. 


7.  Recent discovery:  Green beans in coconut oil, garlic and cayenne are delicious!


8.  The studying is still made easier with a bottle glass of wine


9.  Michelle’s hubby just left for a “patriotic vacation.” Click her link to visit.  I’m sure she’d like an e-hug in the form of a comment.

10.  I hope you have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “The Friday Overshare

  1. 2 – you’re more than welcome. FYI – it’s amazing in the hummus, too. 🙂
    4 – def not coincidence! Combination of them being kick-ass & having tons of initiative & an awesome supervisor.
    6 – very cute!

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